Friday, December 4, 2015

Workout Haters Anonymous [Guest Post From College With Love]

Today's meeting of Workout Haters Anonymous (WHA) is now in session. Our topic will be your favorite workout excuses. Who'd like to speak first?

Hi, my name's Raewyn and I hate working out.

This is the dialogue running through my head right now because all I can think of are excuses as to why I absolutely  cannot, for any reason work out. Let's face the reality - I'm bad at staying motivated and listening to my dialogue.

Don't get me wrong, I love the results. I love the accomplished feeling I have after working out, especially when I'm working out with a friend. In the past few months I've had a blast discovering better ways of continuing to work out (i.e. I'm more of a dance / yoga / fitness class person than the girl you'll find pounding the pavement.

It just isn't my thing...maybe I don't get endorphins the way other people do. Here are my favorite workout excuses.

1. I'm making healthier decisions. That count's, right?
2. Wearing heels to work counts as calf exercises, right?
3. I'm serving tonight, so I will just run around the restaurant acting like we're really busy!
4. I have a really fast metabolism, so I can eat this 1,000 calorie burger.
5. It's easier to eat food at [Insert Fast Food Place].
6. We went to Ohio State - We walk everywhere! 
7. I forgot my fitbit, so I won't be tracking it anyway
8. Warrior Queens love themselves as they are
9. I didn't charge my mp3 player.
10. I don't work out.

Aaaand now let's think about how silly all of those are!! I should be making healthier decisions and applauding myself for them, not using them as an excuse to be unhealthy...Okay...the heels one, I actually semi-believe to be true...When I serve and it's slow I definitely stand around on my phone instead of running around the metabolism or not, that burger is not doing anything positive for me...It is easier to eat at fast food places, but I could get a salad...I don't walk everywhere anymore. I want to, but I do something else instead...I bet if I truly tried to work out I would feel those mothereffin endorphins and my body is reaping the benefits even if I don't see the numbers...loving myself as I am and wanting to make myself feel better go hand in hand, Warrior Queens...My mp3 player is my 2nd weakest excuse...and the weakest? The flat out refusal to work out.

Now that we cleared the is a new day. Time to get crackin'!

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P.S. Did I happen to mention that one time when I had a 24 Hour Fitness pass my friend and I told this guy we couldn't go to the beach because we were working. The two of us decided to go to the gym and were happily ellyptical-ing until we saw him there (he was a personal trainer). We then hid behind the machines, laughing hysterically for 2 minutes before peacing out to get 99 cent cupcakes down the street. Total Gym Time: 10 minutes. Cupcakes: 1 Raewyn: 0
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