Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How has it already been 2 weeks??

Well, it seems time has flown by in the past 2 weeks. I literally have been too busy to do anything, let alone post one of the many blogs floating around in my head. Soon I will my lovelies...if you wanna see stuff i reblog  though that is personal and some WQ stuff my tumblr is: :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


This was a homework assignment for my internship class, but I thought it might inspire. :)

 My Passions
What would you do if you didn't have to worry about money? How big do your dreams go? Without worrying about money, I would change the world. 
I'm not joking or being trite either. I would launch a global campaign for young girls. I would reach out to women and girls everywhere. I would travel to inform them and open up their eyes. To what? the warrior queen movement? Of course, but it goes beyond that. I would open their eyes to educate them on everything that the warrior queen movement stands for and everything that I as a person stand for, because I stand for a little more than the warrior queen movement. I care about women's health, emotional well-being and place in the world more than the secular nature I try to keep the warrior queen movement. I live and breathe the movement, it's not something that is questioned. However my passions run deeper than just helping girls know that they are strong.
I guess my passions lie in life. I want to share my passion of life – a happy life – with everyone and to help them see that it is possible to dream big and to achieve and to be yourself. First and foremost, my passion is to always be myself no matter the situation. If I have an emotion or an idea or something I want to talk about, I'm going to share it and I want other people to feel comfortable enough to do the same.
I am also very passionate in writing. Through traveling and changing people and the world, I'd love to change them with my words. I'd love to write books to help others and to share my experiences.
My other big passion is tied into all of them in helping people. I would love to work with numerous charities and organizations to not only broaden my view of the world and of life and to share that with people but to help in whatever way that I can. My biggest inspiration comes from Mother Teresa and Audrey Hepburn, both kind-hearted women who worked to help those in need. I want to be selfless and happy and to help nurture.
A passion not involved with my career would be to be a foster and adoptive mom, although I know that the work is a lot larger than I could imagine. I want to help those who are without a home to feel at home with me, whether it be for an hour or for their life time.  

What are your passions?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Disney Princesses

So I was stumbling around on the internet and I came across these two Disney Princess comparisons / lessons for romance for girls. I think it's an interesting twist on the fairytales that little girls grow up with. Read them!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daniela posted this on my wall today! Thought I'd share!!

3 Steps towards Positive Thinking as a Way of Life
The phrase “positive thinking” has become somewhat of a buzzword in a lot of ways in our culture today. So many books and experts suggest “positive thinking” as a solution to low self esteem and confidence issues without ever really exploring what the phrase means.
Positive thinking involves much more than just deciding one day that you will change the way you think. Obviously, altering the way you think about yourself and the world around you is a difficult task. Oftentimes we fail to sit back and consider that the way in which we think about ourselves and the world very much shapes our world and our lives.
Negative thinking has a way of affecting every aspect of our lives without us even realizing it. So much of our happiness and our success rely on our ability to think positively and create positive situations. However, the trek to a positive attitude and positive self thought is no easy path. Follow these three steps in self improvement to gain the ability to think positively and create a new way of life.

Be Aware: Hear Yourself
Self awareness is an essential step in any form of self improvement. You have to be aware of yourself and the things around you before you can understand them and then learn to change and improve them. Before you can learn to alter your way of thinking you have to be aware of how you think in the first place. Take the time to monitor your thoughts and feeling carefully. Listen to yourself throughout the day. When doing this you may be surprised to find just how much thinking you do that you are not completely aware of throughout the day. Pay attention to those negative beliefs you hold that pop up without you realizing it, listen for negative thoughts, watch for negative actions (and reactions), and pay close attention to negative feelings that arise. All of these things are utterly important to be aware of. You should work hard to be conscience of the vocabulary you use throughout the day. Start by simply changing the words you use. Rather than saying “I have my job,” try rewording and rethinking things to say “I would love to find a new career”. While this may sound trite, merely changing the vocabulary you use is a great start to positive thinking.

Take Responsibility: It’s All about You
One of the most common forms of negative thinking involves placing blame on other things. Of course, we all do this. We point the finger at anything but ourselves at times. This is an easy path to take and a difficult habit to break. By placing the blame for something that is bad on someone else, you take the attention off of yourself. This, of course, is only a temporary fix. Even when we place the blame one someone else, that negative energy is still there. Turing the attention away from ourselves can never lead to a successful solution. After you have worked to become more self aware, you have to learn to take responsibility for your feelings, actions, and thoughts. By taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and emotions, they become something that you can control and change. Part of placing blame is believing you are powerless. Take responsibility for yourself and, in turn, gain control of yourself. Only after you admit fault and take responsibility for yourself and your thinking can you successfully alter the way you think and act.

Make the Commitment: Change Your Attitude
Each of these steps in self improvement is equally as important as the next. Without self awareness and acceptance, there is no hope for change. The final step in gaining a positive outlook and positive inner voice is committing to change. You must commit fully to positive self thought. Without total commitment very little progress can be made. This, of course, will inevitably take some time and dedication. With a history of negative thinking and blame, it can be very difficult to change our ways. Much of that thinking has become a natural response to our actions and our environment. For this reason, it is essential that you fully commit to creating a more positive inner voice for yourself. Create goals for new beliefs, new outlooks on certain things, and new distinctions for things. Make the commitment to creating a healthier self and a happier mind. By thinking positively and owning our thoughts we can learn to control our situation and master our bad moods.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cultivating your Friendship Garden

I found this written out from my drafts in July and I think it's very funny that in the cycles of life people fall back into this. What are your thoughts on it?

So, I'm going to use an analogy which is probably going to sound reallly bad, but it's got the same idea as the treasure chest analogy. But here it goes:

Sometimes, you've got to weed out the people who aren't on the same friendship page as you. They're just going to ruin the garden that is your life. But sometimes, the weeds end up to be the best friends and the prettiest flowers of the bunch.

Here's what I'm saying: Friendships are about giving and loving. When one side falls short, the other side can't always pick up all of the slack and then everything tips off the scale and the friendship's over. But sometimes, those weeds -- those people who you've ended friendships with are still reconcilable. You just find out later on in life.

I've been feeling this way lately. I surround myself with friends, whether it's in person, online, via the phone, long distance...all of it. I love friendships and interpersonal relationships. That's my life right there. All of the material things don't matter to me. If I had them and no friends, I would be unable to survive.

But it seems in the past year, that I've had friendships just end. At first I had a little panic: OMG AM I A BAD FRIEND?!

Okay, I know I'm not. Everyone has their moments at being selfish or a bad friend, but i tend to sacrifice more than is necessary or common because of my dependence on friendship. But then I realized...why am I putting all of this effort into cultivating this weed that is not enhancing my garden at all. It's looking like a tall reed among my flowers, instead of a weedy flower.

So I just stopped. I needed a break from cultivating. I nursed the flowers that I could reach, and I relied on the self-sustainability of the rest. You see, I've always been under the impression that if two people in a friendship don't speak for a month or two, or even a year, it doesn't mean the friendship is over. It just means those people are busy. When one person notices, they contact the other and the friendship rekindles. If someone has an issue in a friendship, it's respectful to notify the other person and the issue can be solved.

I guess a lot of people don't see things quite this way. They view it as, if I don't talk to you for a few months I don't care about our friendship at all, so it's obviously over so we're just not going to be friends anymore. They might even delete me from FaceBook (ohhhhh the horror!!!)

The thing with life is, it happens and if you think things are black and white, you're sadly mistaken. Everyone's got their own things going on. So if I'm not talking to you, I'm probably busy. If I have a problem with you, I will tell you. Let's make this all as simple as we can because everything is shades of grey. Let's just each show each other love, and we won't have to worry about not being friends.


"Living without chaos, is like making something without a mess: no fun and far too cookie-cutter for me."

Do you prefer the cookie-cutter to the chaos?

Think about it

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." - Robert Brault

How does this make you feel today? I always try to embrace the little things... :)
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