Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Please Don't Jump

I always have blogs planned out and then i forget about them because something more immediate happens, but I promise I will write my other one tomorrow. Things have been hectic, and tomorrow's blog will explain. For now, here is this:

Frank from Post Secret is a very inspirational speaker, as my best friend has told me. I have not had the fortune to listen but I love to read his blog and his books. The secrets are silly, funny, inspirational, hopeful, sad...etc. I love to see the broadness of human emotion from an objective view, at times.

Last week's Post Secret included this image:

Hastily, a Facebook page, among other things, was made for the author of this card. Please don't Jump is an amazing example of human compassion - and much like the airport in Love Actually, when he mentions losing faith in humanity, this is one thing that can make you appreciate the compassion and love that is there.

Love is my religion. Pain is the necessary consequence. Optimism is the obvious reaction.

Today, I spent my day selfishly thinking about my own things, until it became clear to me that my support and love was needed. Even still, reading this post card, I realized how much more love I could give.

I love you, all of you. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Please pass on this weblink, and please, feel free to always talk to me.

P.S. this is the Time Magazine newsfeed on it.

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