Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Love Catch-22

It seems that in this millenium we are stuck in a love catch-22. What do I mean?

I mean we often fall in love and find the person we want our happy ending with wayyy before we are ready for it. This makes sense though. Biologically, we are made to mate in our teens and twenties. That's when we're most fertile. However, we've been socialized to not worry or even think about mating until our thirties or later.  It's okay to spend years in college and building a career and because of this we know more and we make more money. But our love and relationships suffer to an extent.

What happens when you fall in love at sixteen with a firey passion and that doesn't fade?

In centuries past you were encouraged to marry - whether it was a love match up or not. Today we're encouraged to have fun and not be tied down.

We've gone from relationships (leading to going steady to marriage) in the early to mid 1900s to "it's complicated."

And well, it's complicated is not always fun. An increasingly liberal society is putting us Gen Y-ers between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand I've found myself in love but unsure how to fight through our tribulations. on the other side I'm 21 and I want to have fun. I want to go out and flirt and "live" - since that's what we call it. Anything other than having fun and partying must not be truly living.

Obviously,. I have some issues with this concept. But it's also something I'm living by. It's hard to escape socialization and society's pressures especially when it occasionally becomes very apparent that due to the society I grew up in, I am not ready for this large love that I have.

So I guess I'm stuck waiting.

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  1. Hey Rae, I just wanted to let you know how much this hit home for me! I even wrote a little about it on my own blog spot, which you inspired me to start :) Hope things are looking clearer for you!


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