Thursday, January 1, 2015

Word of 2015

Last year I began with the goal of being more intentional, without actually saying it. In the moment I've always tried to be more aware of my time with others and truly enjoying my time with each person I am with. Of course, sometimes it gets difficult when emotions and technology get in the way.

Everyone's always called me "the queen of technology" and have often given me a hard time for spending so much time on technology. This past year, I opted for more days where I left my phone at home. 

With that in mind, I still spent my year overwhelmed and in survival mode. This year, I want to make a conscious effort to live with intention. 

I want my pregnancy and the first few months of my child's life intentional. I want my marriage to be intentional, with less pointless arguments. I want to evaluate and think, "What is my intent with this argument?" I want to be intentional in my jobs and career. I want to be intentional in following my dreams - that's why I signed up for the #fireworkpeople master class!! I want to be intentional in my relationships and friendships. 

I plan on checking in with my intentions weekly, although as it becomes more of a habit and everyday life, I want to restart my #DoGood52Ways challenges, though they won't be as fun without my partner in crime. Maybe you'll want to do this with me? Instead of posting on the blog each week, I will be posting on Instagram and sending a reminder email. If you would like to sign up to join me, go here

To begin my journey with intention, I am (once again) attempting to keep a clean house, purging and packing. I know that when I have a cleaner space I am less distracted (less irritable, which is difficult these days) and more productive. My time is important, by being intentional with cleaning, I am valuing my time.

What is your word of the year? Are you striving to be more intentional? I would love to hear about your journey :)

p.s. feel free to follow along my intention board! 
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  1. I love your word for this year! I especially love the bit about being more intentional with arguments, because I know that sometimes my husband and I argue over the smallest (and most unimportant) things.


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