Tuesday, September 21, 2010

new warrior queen playlist

It's been awhile, just because I've been insanely busy with school and work. I haven't forgotten about my WQs or my magazine or any of my dreams though, don't worry!! I'll actually be starting freelancing for a magazine any day now!!

But anyway, I thought we were due for a new WQ playlist.
Here it is:

1. Strip Me - Natasha Bedingfield
2. Vanity - Christina Aguilera
3. Dynamite - Taio Cruz
4.Glitter in the Air - Pink
5. Bulletproof - La Roux
6. Rockstar - Rihanna
7. Soul Sister - Train
8. Where's the Fun - Rachel Kanner (my girl!!)
9. Real Girl - Danielle Robay (another of my girls!!)
10. I'm not your toy - La Roux
11. She is Love - Parachute
12. King of Anything - Sara Barielles

lemme know if there are any more you think i should add!!! Have a great Tuesdsay <3

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