Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Positive Magazines

I'm curious.

What magazines did you read as a child? I'm talking before the formidable teenage years. I know I always loved to read that magazine that's at the doctor's offices with the fun games. I don't remember what it's called.

But I remember I was head over heels in love with American Girl magazine. Anything American Girl actually. I wanted the dolls (I got Josephina), I wanted all of the books (and I've got a bunch, including All About You, which teaches on puberty), and i religiously read the magazine. I briefly religiously read all other forms of teen magazines, but once you get out of the American Girl doll phase, it's really all downhill from there.

Take the next magazine I started reading, for example, J-14. It's supposed to target 14-year-olds. The only thing I remember from that magazine is that it had JTT on it and thus was good enough for me. But it was ALL about celebrity teens (seriously, Justin Bieber would be the king of this magazine).  None of it was about me, as a teen.

It just got worse from there, though I never could have imagined it. Innocently, I read the next step of magazines. CosmoGirl! and Seventeen being the most prominent, of course. I dabbled in other teen magazines like GL and Teen Vogue. But the glossy pages of Seventeen and CosmoGirl! seemed to just pull you in with their alluring, "look pretty now" affordable fashion.

Somewhere around 16, I realized how much bullshit those magazines were, are. They cut you down and make you question every thing you do and I blame the tendency of my generation of girls to overanalyze ever minute detail of a relationship on them and popular tv shows that are marketed to the age.

Seriously, can we stop the exploitation?! Can we teach women that they should love their beautiful bodies and they just need to be themselves to be happy! The clothes, the tips, the guys in those magazines ARE NOT going to make us happy. Don't even get me started on Cosmopolitan. Let's just say very few boys actually agree with their "sex tips."

In my years wanting to start my own alternative magazine, I'm surprised I wasn't turned onto one that already existed until last year. Teen Voices is the redeeming teen magazine in the magazine world. Yet, I've NEVER ONCE seen it on a magazine stand. I only know of it from research for classes on the magazine industry.

The best part about Teen Voices, is it's written for teens, BY teens. Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me.

This magazine doesn't stop me from wanting to start my Warrior Queen magazine (which I should be getting a tattoo for within the next few days). It makes me want to start a MARKET for these magazines. I want my magazine to help pave the way for teen voices - because that's going to be the better magazine for teen girls to read. By the time my magazine makes it, I'm going to be just as removed from this lifestyle as the other editors are. But I'm going to hold onto the passion.

ah! I'm just so impassioned and excited right now. I'll post pix of my tattoo when I get it later this week!

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  1. The magazine your talking about in the beginning is called "Highlights".


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