Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blurry Lines

Ohhh, Friends with benefits...where is that line?

Where is the line where you're dating someone? Just fooling around? Just best friends who kiss and secretly crush on each other? How do you know if it's just a hookup?

Man oh man, I'm pretty sure I'm not the best person to answer this question because the blurry lines of relationships are something that I've seemed to have gotten lost on lately. But Erykka told me I should write about them. So here I am, with my first blog in over a month (I'm sorry my dear blog, I've just been so busy!!)

Remember when we were in high school and you knew you were boyfriend and girlfriend because someone asked if you wanted to go out with them, and by that standard you clearly were dating. Fuck, once I told a boy I didn't want a boyfriend but then I kissed him and that meant we were official (clearly...I still think it was a trick).

But now that I'm in college and much wiser beyond my years (or something cliche like that) I'm getting so lost with these relationship standards! So I decided to make a list of what I think it all means and to list some pros and cons for them?

Single: Well, I've figured this one out. I'm riding solo (riding solo, riding solo). I can run around going on dates and kissing whoever I want and no one can get hurt because of that (unless someone is delusional...but yeah). Pros: I CAN KISS WHOEVER I WANT. haha Cons: I probably shouldn't sleep with anyone, cause that's slut-like.

Friends with Benefits: Now this is nice. You can be single but still have ONE person you hook up with. I think it combined the pros and cons of being merely single. However, someone ALWAYS ends up wanting more ((I can't wait to see the new movie coming out on this))

Seeing someone: Going on dates, no strings, but you like them so you're most likely not making out with every man on the face of the earth (this is an assumption of course). Pros: you have someone Cons: the lines are blurryyy

It's Complicated: Boy, this just encompasses every confusing thing you've ever had in a relationship, including "i'm not dating my ex but I'm still in love with he/she and sleeping with he/she and we act like we're together but we have issues and are ignoring them instead of working through them" and "i like this guy but he has a kid with his ex girlfriend and they still live together and sleep in the same bed"

Exclusively dating: this one's kinda simple too. You're only with one person but you're not officially together and it's a little less pressure. Facebook doesn't know that you're in a relationship either. This is like the scaredy-cat's relationship. You're basically boyfriend and girlfriend without the labels. Usually someone gets annoyed with this. haha. I know I would be. I'd be like "hey loser, if you're not my boyfriend and you don't wanna see other does that mean?"

In a relationship -- YAY! the Facebook world can now know. So bitches best not be all up in my man's business...also, who else thinks that this means you should only date one person?! Okay, good.

Marriage: Well if you're seeing other people you're really fucked up. haha. Legal, Social, and Religious implications.

Alright, so where do i fall on the spectrum? On the single, it's complicated end. But I'm it's complicated with myself. hahaha. As in, I confuse the crap out of myself. So, let's just say, I'm chillin. Seein what happens...not making out with every man on the know...i could get an STD that way...but I'm not devoting my life to anyone other than me.

I'm enjoying this chilling bit though. And i might...maybe...probably have this whole crush deal going on ;)

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