Thursday, April 21, 2011

What type of education am i getting?

Hello, I know it's been forever but things have been SO chaotic. Time permitting I have two blogs today though! Here's the first -- an editorial I wrote for my news blog for my journalism class. Enjoyyy!!

After attending Ohio State for two years and transferring into the California State University system, I'm a little lost in the shuffle. I thought that the state and country wanted me educated to get a job, but instead they're just holding me back.

Maybe I was naiive my senior year of high school about our education system, I was only a teen after all. I was under the impression that I was actually getting an education that would take me somewhere in life. I thought I was learning something, but apparently that's not really true.

California's school system is not very...effectual. Since the enactment of No Child Left Behind and the subsequent dumbing down of our standards, more children have been left behind. Instead of helping on the individual basis and solving the individual problems, we've lowered our standards.

I have always been an honors student; my curiosity for information is insatiable. This could explain how oblivious I was to the education system's flaws. With that curiosity I embarked to The Ohio State University with enough scholarships to pay in-state tuition.

OSU has an exquisite school system. With the most students attending one university in the nation, they have somehow figured out how to run smoothly.

Picture this scene:

Walking onto campus there is an overwhelming sea of red and a buzz of chatter as students show their school pride. Discussions of the game, the parties, class, organizations and events on campus are everywhere. The oval smells of fresh grass and students rush passed others leisurely enjoying the weather. Classes, scheduled with the help of advisors who somehow know each of their advisees personally, have prestigious teachers who are passionate about their subjects, jobs and students. OSU wants you to succeed.

But sometimes things happen and the students have to leave early, carrying with them a pride in a school that's known worldwide and worshipped throughout the state and its many alumni. Upon returning from OSU with an unfinished degree, I submerged myself into the California state school system.

I have never felt more cheated, under-appreciated or unprepared in my life.

America thrives on underdog stories and California definitely sets the scene for those with passion and drive to overcome all obstacles facing them. Those obstacles are staggering.

I'm convinced this school system only cares about my money, which they spend so frivolously that I never reap the benefits. To begin, the advisors neither know what's going on with student's classes and requirements (they solely know the credits they see in front of you), nor are they particularly interested in helping students graduate. Advisors in the CSU system are teachers who must advise, seemingly against their own will or interest.

After seeing several advisors who had no qualms with bringing me to frustrated tears, I've learned to be my own advisor, listening to the advice of students who have taken the classes that I need. It's more become a race of how soon can I graduate and receive passing grades, instead of my usual ardor for knowledge and drive for high grades.

To be frank, this system has made me resort to the popular DGAF attitude. This attitude can be seen around campus with a lack of school spirit and in the discussions of students hoping for nothing more than a C. Because we've been given information that is so much lower than what we are capable of understanding, we have fed into the system. By being treated like we are unintelligent, we have fulfilled that expectation by caring only enough to get a degree to get a job to make money and fulfill the mindless consumer slot America has opened for us. We are so much better than this. We can understand so much more. We can compete in the world market, if only we were given the opportunity and support.

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