Friday, April 23, 2010

Appreciating You

Unfortunately, I've been such a busy bee that my poor little blog has fallen on the wayside. I'm sorry! I've just been doing school, articles, and working like a maniac. Sometimes I'm lucky and I get to do cool things like go to Disneyland OR pull pranks at the LA Times Building.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about appreciation lately, and how easy it is in this day and age to go without appreciating each other.

Western thought typically leans toward egocentrism and a self-centered society. We're too wrapped un in ourselves. We're always talking about what we want, not what we may need, or even more than that, what another person needs.

I'm not talking about giving back to society and helping strangers, etc. That's an entirely different blog topic and I really don't have the time to be here all day preaching to everyone about it. (Especially because I hate preaching, although that is kind of what my blog does. But really, I'm just trying to share my views on life. Do what you want!!)

What I'm trying to say is, how often do we truly thank or express our affection for someone close to us?

I say thank you and I'm sorry more times than I can count daily. People think that it's just something for me to say. It's not. I truly mean every word I say, in that regard. It's not because I am a weak person or I'm apologetic for who I am. I'm empathetic. I am sorry the situation happened. I hate that you feel that way. Thank you for your help, without you I would have struggled.

I couldn't go a day without saying I love you. If I went a day without hearing it, I would be seriously depressed. I know that I am loved. Actions are the same as the words. You can feel it. You can go without it, but life is just there...dull.

As people, we need attention and appreciation to flourish and grow. Neglect is pretty easy, though, when life comes at you fast.

It's not hard to give people attention too. Or maybe it's not for me. In this technological age facebook and texting makes it easy to leave an I love you. Yet, we go without speaking to the people we care about. I am so guilty of this, although I try to appreciate everyone I can everyday.

It's impossible to appreciate everyone constantly (gosh, award ceremonies would be neverending) but I think it would be easy and generally desirable to appreciate the people closest to us. The people we love more than anything and would make sacrifices for...

If we don't, they may not stick around for much longer...

P.S. SO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! You truly help me through my days.

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  1. I like to hold doors for people even though I'm a girl, I think its so rude not to when there's a bunch of people right behind you. But nobody says thank you anymore? What's up with that? I always say thank you for simple things like that. It puts people in a good mood n shows that you appreciate their small effort to help you even though you may not know them.


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