Friday, April 30, 2010

A Touching Note

Yesterday, I received this message on facebook from someone in the group For Positive Change. It was entirely touching, and I absolutely adore people like this. I strive to be like this. I think i'll do something like this for my birthday. But of course, it's my big 2-1 so i have a lot of stuff i want from people and i want to be selfish for once. Haha. Let's not talk about it tonight. Instead, read this letter I got, and i hope that you think about this type of thing everyday. 

Hi Everyone,

So today is my birthday and I have just ONE request.

What I want more than anything else is for you to really love yourself today. I am requesting that you do something really GOOD for yourself--anything.

If you have been waiting to start something--to follow your heart, I want this to be the day you just do it.

If you have been feeling guilty about something, take time and say out loud "I forgive myself for ....."

If you haven't talked to someone in years, let today be the day you reach out. Say you're doing it for a friend on Facebook.

If you haven't told someone you love them, let this be the day you do so.

If you want to do something really fulfilling, volunteer for a good cause.

If you need to forgive someone, let this be the day you do so.

I want today to be the excuse for you to do something good for yourself. Maybe it's just stepping back from the craziness and doing a little meditation and reflection.

Whatever it is, my b-day wish is a good excuse for you to do the one thing you KNOW would make you a happier, more fulfilled human being.

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