Friday, April 26, 2013

My Carabox Reveal!!!

Cara Box

Yesterday I came home from a job interview to this. 

OMG. I was so excited. I opened the door and dropped my stuff on the floor and began to open the package from Amanda!

I love absolutely everything she got me in my Go Green Carabox. First, I saw the Gud bodywash - which I saw at Target last week and really wanted to buy. I wasn't out of bodywash yet so I thought I could wait. Now I don't have to! Then the Burt's Bees - always my favorite. The Ecotool dual loofah is so cool, I used it in the shower this morning.

 Then. Oh. My. Goodness. I died. A new planner!!! From May 2013-June 2014. I misplaced my planner in my messy room and I haven't been able to justify buying a new one. This one is super super cool because it gives me a month and week view, tabs, note space and even an "important dates" section - so I can put all of my wedding planning dates and magazine stuff on one page!!!

I also recieved a busy girl on the go eye makeup kit which I've stuck in my car. I always do my makeup in the car and attempt to use my rearview mirror so this will be much better. 

The most green thing I got though - a planter's almanac WITH sunflower, green bean and carrot seeds! I don't know how Amanda knew that sunflowers are my favorite flower and those are my two favorite veggies but I am so excited! I told my mom we have to plant them in her garden this weekend. They're organic, too. We have a compost bin and don't use any chemicals so I know that these veggies will grow strong and stay chemical free as well. 

The best part of my package, though, was my card from Amanda. She was so encouraging and I love the breakdown / reminder she left me. I am so excited to have made a blogfriend. Of course, she lives in Ohio! Which would be the second state I visit the most besides home in Cali. (Nevada doesn't count because it's just Vegas!) 


Thank you so much for the wonderful package, Amanda. I am so excited for our friendship to grow. 



  1. yay! so happy you liked everything! I was so nervous! hehe That is awesome I picked the right flowers and veggies!! Sunflowers are my favorite too!! xo

  2. Hahah I was so nervous doing mine too. We are so silly! ♡

  3. She did a great job.I want to steal EVERYTHING!

  4. What a great Cara Box! I dumped my stuff and opened my package right away too!

  5. I love ecotools! Way fun cara box!

    Jennifer @

  6. The EcoTools loofa and make-up brushes sound amazing. I'm tempted to go shopping for some myself! :) Looks like you got some great stuff. :)

    1. I did thank you!! I'm so sad, I missed signing up for this month's because my week was so hectic.


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