Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yogi Tea Wisdom

I've been sick and have a horrible cough. To combat it, I've upped my daily tea consumption and have been drinking Yogi's echinecea tea

This morning my tea bag had someof thw wisest WQ words: "May your mind learn to love with compassion."

It got me thinking about girl cruelty and judging and all of that fun stuff that I often write about. Maybe the reason we have it so wrong is because society believes that we are born judgmental and with innate feelings of superiority.

As an educated person, many of us know that this is not true. We learn our judgments and prejudices socially. Beyond that, we learn HOW to judge in the same way. Which means we can unlearn judgment. We can break the bad habit. It may be the hardest habit to ever break...but we can do it!

New life goal :)

Coupled with the goal to try to educate and protect my future children to live without judgment.



1 comment:

  1. sorry you're not feeling well, but on the bright side your tea gave you a great topic! Feel better soon! xo


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