Monday, April 15, 2013

Making this more personal

I think one of my biggest problems with blogging is that I get bogged down in making this representative of what I want the magazine to be, instead of making it completely personal. When it was completely personal in 2009 and 2010, I had a much easier time writing posts and thus wrote more frequently.

Don't get me wrong, I love researching and writing article like posts, that is after all what I went to school for. However, I just get so bogged down and don't always have a ton of time. You know me. I'm always running around a hot mess [especially when my challenges to myself don't work]/ 

I'm hoping that by making this more personal it helps me reach my goal quicker, stay true to myself more and help me to write more often instead of overly worrying about how my blogs are going to be received. I want to make this more like my old Xanga. So my writing might not be full posts, it might be a jumble of thoughts but these are my thoughts and my journey on staying true to my warrior queen self. Of course sometimes there will be guest posts and I welcome any and all posts on becoming more true to you and more of a warrior queen. 

In my attempt to become more warrior queen, I am always looking for ways to better myself. This month I have decided to take part in two different blog things to do that and to create a stronger blogging community [also in hopes of helping me write more. Let's face it, I'm much more centered and focused when I'm writing.] I have joined both the Carabox Exchange on Wifessionals, and also the Bigs and Littles that she hosts along with Mallory. They have been my inspiration to make my blog more true to me and less magazine like. :)

A Carabox is a way to meet more friends in the blogging community and to offer encouragement to others. It is very warrior queen!! I was matched with Amanda at Pixies and Periwinkles and Laura at Simply Me, As I See It. I was so excited to see that the three of us are all baseball fans!! Anyway, Amanda's other match had her do an about me quiz and post it on her blog. If you ever felt like exploring my high school xanga, you would see that I am OBSESSED with this type of thing. So I decided to do it, too :)

You'll Find in My Bag:
1. Phone
2. Wallet
3. The medicine cabinet
4. Straw Wrappers (the curse of being a server)
5. Pens

You'll Find in My Bedroom:
1. Clothes all over the floor [most days]
2. Books
3. A hilariously huge canvas closeup of mine and Iman's faces
4. A  cat or four
5. Lots of blankets!!

I've always wanted to:
1. Finish my Never list
2. Start my own magazine
3. Learn to ride my dirtbike
4. Be Organized
5. Be more confident in my crafting

I'm Currently Loving:
1. All my new jeans from Krystal
2. Hazelnut Machiattos at Starbucks
3. Wedding Planning
4. Our morning oatmeal smoothies
5. Fresh and Easy

Quirks I Have:
1.Sometimes I say really morbid things in a happy tone
2. I talk A LOT and often it doesn't make sense
3. When I tell a story it is similar to the way a newspaper is written
4. I cannot finish the last bite for the life of me
5. My socks have to be just perfect or my day is ruined

And that's just a little bit about me!  Tell me something about you!


  1. loved this!! thanks for posting it!! hope you're having a good week!xo

    1. Thank you! I finally fixed it so I can comment back :)

  2. This post is awesome! My bloglovin was acting quirky so I had to go back and find you. Rode that dirt bike!! I am sure it is as addictive as my mountain bike!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. It is as addictive!! But so hard to get to the desert to ride :(


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