Friday, November 7, 2014

Why You Should Care About Voting

Has anyone been thinking about the election this week? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the results, turnout, etc.

No, this post is not about my political beliefs - though if you know me, you know they are pretty strong.

Instead, I prefer to talk about why I think it is important to vote - and how I think we totally and utterly blew it this election.

I've always been one of those people who absolutely embraces the rights she's been given. I try my best to be aware of rights and of the rights that I believe in that are being denied. I've always tried my best to be aware and to stay involved.

In high school, I used to register people to vote. I couldn't even vote yet, but I wanted to make sure other people were voting. In the 2008 presidential elections - my first election - I manned a booth on the Ohio State Campus registering voters.

These things matter. Many people have many opinions - including the opinions that our vote's don't actually count. Yes, voting is complicated. We don't technically get to choose where our electoral votes go - directly - and we do have input in popular. However, we do get to pick the people who make those electoral decisions for us.

Hence why midterm elections can be so important.

Not only that, I think that voting for the props and measures are so important because those are going to affect your daily life. It might be difficult for you to wrap your head around foreign policy and world politics. Luckily, we can appoint people to deal with that for us. If anything, though, you should be voting for your props and measures. I can't say it enough. It's your chance to speak up about your community, your state and your life.

I'm not sure if I am so political because of my lifetime as a feminist, or if it is because of the friends I hung out with in high school. But I am grateful for the education that it has given me. Thousands of people fought the constitution for me to be able to vote  - a non-white (because I'm not fully white), woman who does not own property. Don't you see how far our country has gone...because people have voted!!

I must admit, this election year I was not as prepared. I left a lot of spots empty on the ballot - yet another right that I have. I was sick before the election, so I only had time to research our props and measures, not the people.

I don't like to vote solely based on the political party I am the closest to, because there may be someone who will let me down. I prefer to look at their campaign, history, etc.

Speaking of campaigns, they are getting out of control. No wonder voter turnout was down this year - it is extremely difficult to shift through all of the B.S. that is put out there in the world. I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed. Generally, I try to do a non-biased breakdown on my blog, and hope to do that for you in the next two years.

I don't care which way you vote, just please...rock the vote!!

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  1. My husband and I both proudly voted! We voted in the primary earlier this year too. Alas, voter turnout was again dismal, especially in the under-30 crowd.

  2. Great post! I am not old enough to vote yet, but can't wait until I can! I think that there are too many people out there who take their right to vote for granted, which I find extremely sad. Not only in terms of not voting at all, but like you said, mid-term elections as well. Many people don't realize that mid-term elections are just as vital the presidential one.

  3. I know! it makes me so sad to be a part of that crowd, especially because we are the ones who want to enact change

  4. Exactly!! I was just like you before I could vote! I hope you continue to stay passionate!!


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