Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cake or Death

This week has been one filled with regroups - though, to be honest, I think I've spent more time socializing than regrouping. There is a mountain of things to do at home and a bigger mountain of things I want to do in my head.

I like to put things on paper to hold myself accountable, so today we are going to do something I find super fun. I call it Cake or Death, which really is a weird thing to call a to-do list but bare with me.

Has anyone ever watched Eddie Izzard's comedy? He was in a few movies and tv shows, so his name might sound familiar, but I fell in love with his stand up when I was in high school.

For starters, he is a transvestite. He just likes to dress in drag - so much so that when I first saw him in a movie I didn't realize it was him. One of my favorite sketches comes down to the choice of cake or death. Obviously, everyone will choose cake.

Watching the Lego animation always makes me happy

I'm an obsessive to do list maker. Sometimes I will remake my list five times in one day. So in high school my list would always say "To Do OR ELSE" and one day my friend wrote next to it "cake or death" which through the years morphed into my to do list being entitled cake or death.

If I finish my list, I get cake. If I don't, I get death. You can totally see why it's motivating...

Cake or Death


  • BIG GOAL: move to Word Press & redesign
  • find sponsors for next month
  • sponsor 5 blogs next month
  • start the #SummerBloggerChallenge posts
  • create a new editorial calendar for all of my ideas
  • secret plans with Jess Loves This Life
  • BIG GOAL: move!!
  • unpack our suitcases & do laundry
  • find an apartment
  • after we move organize the shit out of everything. 
  • cook dinner on week nights (not including Wednesday)
  • BIG GOAL: Thank you cards
  • return some items to stores
  • buy household things with our giftcards
  • find a place for it all so mom doesn't go crazy with a messy living room
  • Plan Wedding Wednesday posts
  • Etsy reviews!
  • BIG GOAL: Get in a routine!
  • Set up a yoga area in new place
  • do yoga daily - watch YouTube videos
  • come up with a meal plan-ish
  • Go to Crunch 3 times a week
  • get cavities filled
  • start taking vitamins!!!! 
  • BIG GOAL: find a restaurant job for summer
  • figure out a plan for summer work-at-home
  • Food Handler's test
  • BIG GOAL: Pay down debt!
  • make a plan for credit cards using A Little Leigh Way's worksheet
  • end or limit subscriptions
  • cut down on eating out
  • eliminate fast food
  • don't lend money
  • find alternatives to spending money every time we see friends
  • BIG GOAL: Sales!
  • plan advertising tactics
  • in-person reach out
  • get reviews from purchasers

Do Good-land

What's on your Cake or Death list? Do you have any other fun blog collaborations for me?
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p.s. for more Eddie Izzard lego jokes watch this

Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. Haha cute! Cake or Death sounds so much better than "Things To Do" ... girl, that is a BIG list! But I'm the same way too, I like to make a list to get the thoughts on paper and hold myself accountable.

  2. Exactly! I know it's a ton of stuff, but I need to put them somewhere. I'm currently organizing them my due date in my google tasks. I'm trying to stick to the list! :)

  3. I love Eddie Izard! You have some big goals, good luck!

  4. This is so fun. And I am pretty sure you forgot that you need to text Paulina more. All week we have only talked before I pass out which I think it quite rude. KIDDING you know I love you. And probably a good percentage as too why you haven't gotten much done all week, but it is a responsibility that I hold proudly.

  5. Haha I've been in a daze! You will get alll the texts lol

  6. Thank you!! I love Eddie Izzard too!!

  7. Editorial calendars save my life on a regular basis! And Wordpress is amazing - you'll be so glad that you switched! I've been working on a few designs for people switching to Wordpress(.org), and I love how flexible it is!

  8. Do you have a great editorial calendar that you use right now? I'm on the look out for another good one!! :)


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