Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WW: Day Of Coordinator

Happy Wedding Wednesday, my friends!

I know you all are dying to see my pictures - believe me, we are too - but they're still not done yet! They generally take 6-8 weeks after your wedding (unless you expediate them). But, today I want to tell you WHY you should have a day of coordinator. Not necessarily that you should pay for the services, but that you should designate someone experienced.

Liz, my day of wedding coordinator, owns Silver Charm Events and works all over Southern California (if you're local) and she completely blew me out of the water. I'm not going to even mention all of the times she saved me before the wedding. We're just talking about the day of stuff.

1) This person is a pro at seating arrangements. They know exactly how to move everyone around so it doesn't look like it's family vs family. Also, All Seated is a big help in this.

2) Last minute vendor details. Liz made sure to handle all of the last minute vendor details so I could spend the week before my wedding doing other fun things - like preparing to have a house full of guests. She even made sure we could check out of one hotel room late, and into another early (so we didn't have to leave all of our stuff in the car).

3) The rehearsal goes quickly. You're going to want someone who isn't afraid to speak up or boss people around. When we all got to the end of  the aisle, the boys had done the opposite of what they were supposed to and I was very frustrated (I didn't realize how hard it was to walk to the back for people to fill in to the front). Liz was able to help them understand.

Happy and Stress-free at the rehearsal dinner! (please ignore my spray tan!)

4) Your day of timeline is going to go perfectly! I'm not even joking. When Liz told me that I had to be done with my hair and makeup by 12 for my 3pm wedding, I thought she was crazy. But by doing that (And allowing an hour for us to all get to the venue that was 15 minutes away), I was not stressed when my makeup appointment started an hour late.

Just playing around with my flower girl :) 

5) You're sure to eat throughout the day. Liz was on top of  the food situation - bringing me a banana / anything to get me to eat before the ceremony. Oh, and at the wedding? Our full plates magically appeared on our sweetheart table as we were about to get up to go to the buffet.

6) They think of and bring everything!! My garter fit just fine when I was sitting down but the moment I started walking it would fall. Miraculously, Liz's assistant had carpet tape which stayed on for a good 3 which point I was still awkward and it fell down.

7) At the wedding, everything goes so smoothly. I kept thinking Liz was stalking me because I needed to do something else at the wedding, but really, she was just standing close to make sure I didn't need anything! Amazing!

8) The ideas you have in your head come out into reality! I'm really good at having an idea in my head and being unable to produce it. If I see a picture of something else, I can recreate it but I can't make the magic come out of my brain. Liz totally could though.

More to come on these bad boys :) 

9) Everything got cleaned up!!

10) Our wedding couldn't have gone better, and I truly believe that has a lot to do with Liz. Yeah, I might have made awesome decorations and picked awesome songs and kept the party bumping, but we couldn't have gotten there without her help! Not only that, but Liz calmed me down WHENEVER I needed it, even if it was something silly like "Liz, I need to check into my flight! Oh, it isn't in the 24 hour window yet."

So, I'm telling you! Day of Wedding Coordination is going to be the BEST thing you spent your money on. But, if you do decide to do it yourself, Liz has a new book out for that.

Also, she has no idea I'm blogging about her today, so she should be happily surprised.

Do you plan on having a day of coordinator?

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  1. I had a coordinator. She was a family friend and did it for free. But she is pretty experienced, has a loud voice and a get-it-done personality. I am so glad I designated her for the job. I couldn't have done it without her.

  2. She sounds incredible! My sister was basically like your Liz as the Matron of Honor, keeping me fed and stress-free! We did have a day-of coordinator at the church and at the venue, though, so that was really nice handing off duties to them instead of worrying about it!

    And I'm still waiting on photos/videos, too! I'm going nuts!!!

  3. Yeah! Exactly!! You don't have to pay for services, just make sure that it isn't you doing all of that work!

  4. that is so awesome! Yeah, it was quite the relief to have someone to hand it off to - even though I usually want to control everything!

    Arg, I know, our pictures are still not done! Though, I did order our thank you cards

  5. It's so weird that you're writing about this, because I was definitely thinking about whether I wanted to have a wedding coordinator or not for my wedding (that is not happening anytime soon, I don't think). I feel like it would be such a relief to have the pressure off of you for things that you don't even think about, and it seems like your coordinator was a lifesaver for so many things!

  6. yes! I definitely recommend it! It will be money well spent. She literally stopped me from breaking down too many times to count.

    Also, I love that you were thinking about this!


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