Friday, May 30, 2014

Our New Home Pinspiration

I usually forget to embrace my artistic side. I don't feel like I have an eye for design or the ability to pull thoughts out of my head and recreate them in the real world - unless, of course, they are words. Images just don't seem to work out for me.

Recreation, however, is my specialty! If I seem something I like I can recreate it and put a personalized spin on it. It's the way I've learned how to paint and draw some things (I get this trait from my mom, although she is much better at creation than I am).

We're moving tomorrow and Iman said the cutest thing to me on Wednesday (after he made sure that I have no plans to make our guest bedroom PINK. I told him no, but....). "I just want our new place to look like a home."

d'aww. Cue the cuteness vomit!

When we lived together before, Iman had no preference of how the apartment looked. Granted, we had a one bedroom, but we could have decorated. We tried...But now we have ROOMS to play with! We're moving into a 1 bedroom with an inclosed den (aka our guest room/office), a living room and a separate dining room. I'm so excited! It's also all hardwood floors.

This of course has made me Pinterest obsessed (as if wedding planning hadn't). Here are my top picks for each room:

Living Room:

Truth be told, my living room will probably look nothing like this, but I like the sleekness both of these images have. I like the gray neutral base - although ours will probably be black based off our current furniture - with pops of color!

Dining Room

I've never decorated a dining room before but it will probably look something like this. At our old place, our table had foldable chairs so we never sat at the table and junk just piled up. I'm hoping we eat dinner at our new table (thanks Katy!) every night, and I plan on keeping it fresh with some flowers and maybe find a cute runner?

Definitely would not leave plates and cups on the table like this though. Either my cats would demolish them or they would get dusty!




Can you tell we like the color gray? I also am still obsessed with gray + red and gray + yellow combos, despite putting those all over our wedding. I'm a bright color-ed loving gal with an eye for simple design so a dark neutral and a bright accent makes me totally happy. Iman and I share red as our favorite color, and have had a red comforter for as long as I can remember. We may switch to gray, but we will probably stick with a red theme in our bedrooms.

We're going to keep the guest bedroom really simple because we don't want to buy a bunch to decorate and then find out we're pregnant or anything. In his cute moment, he totally started talking about what colors we would do a baby room.

Gah I love that man!

Unfortunately, my super bright color love will have to wait until we have kids. Iman's not a fan of my hot pink and teal combos :P

Anyway, I should probably get back to packing! Happy Friday!

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  1. hmm, you might have to talk to Iman about that one!

  2. What would we do without pinterest? right? lol

  3. Have to peruse boring interior design magazines with only the latest trends? HORRIBLE! lol


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