Friday, October 14, 2011

Following my passions

This week has been about change. I'm not quite sure how it worked out this way but it is. I find this very interesting.

Let me give you a little background. Things have been a little bit spinny since school started. There was that period of time where I was too busy to post and dealing with too much crazy stuff in my life. Then I had a lull week last week where I should have been working on the stuff that is due in the next week (it's midterm week, I have so much due). But I knew that I needed to take a vacation from this all for my sanity. So I did.

This week, I have been absolutely slammed but not panicking and just working on things and rolling with the punches. I've also been extremely passionate.

My blog posts have reflected this passion and every day it seems I've had a new topic. I thought today I was going to have a nice little break to get my homework done, which for the most part I have been working on it. But, then it popped up in front of my's passionate cause.

Invisible Children is something that I became passionate about my senior year of high school and while I have not stayed up to date on it, it's still something that I feel passionate about.

Please check out this article on what Obama is doing and educate yourself on this subject!!

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