Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I jotted this down on Tumblr earlier in a combination of reblogs and my thoughts but, of course, I wanted them to be more organized here. I think there is a lesson to be learned from this on all sides. Let's say the WQ message is to fight for what you believe in, to work your hardest despite everything trying to bring you down and to always do it peacefully.

I haven’t really been following Occupy Wall Street because of the endless amounts of more personal and closer to home issues that overtook my life for a bit but now that I’m really researching on it, I’m starting to get MAD.

This picture was my instigator. When I saw it this morning I just felt all crazy-like inside. This person may not be part of the 99% but much of the 99% does not HAVE the opportunity or the choice to be anything but part of that 99%. Also, where is this person if they aren’t part of the 99% of people who are not rich?
I’m not saying that this photograph is a lie, though I do not believe that it is the whole story. What I am saying though, is that this person’s situation is rare. Take how hard I’ve worked, my above decent GPA and the amount of things I do in my life (work, intern, freelance, school, homework, volunteer, breathe, blog, start a movement, etc) as an example. I may have received scholarships but that did not save me from debt. Life happens. This person might live in a rock if it hasn’t happened to them.
Nevertheless, people across America are frustrated with the economy and the way our politics are run. Hell, they’re probably fed up with our judicial system too. The US needs to recognize these issues and address them or there will be a coup in some way. We like our freedoms too much. Also, I want to applaud the occupiers on their nonviolent act and going through the proper channels (permits, etc).

This is a reblog:

While participants in Occupy Boston have done nothing more than sit around for the past week in attempt to promote open discourse about a set of reasonable ideas, two dozen New England Patriots helped build a playground in Providence today.
This is a reminder that talk is cheap, but action speaks. And sitting is a passive verb. If you love your country, go out and DO things to make it better - don’t spend your time sitting around in what’s grown into an unorganized mess that has lost sight of its original ideas.
Imagine if all those protesters had channeled all that time and energy into productivity - cleaning up our city, volunteering at local soup kitchens, helping educate children. Anybody can hold up a sign and pout. It takes a real commitment to make a statement.
- Stache 

And lastly, for more information on Occupy Wall Street read up on it via the news sources. There's plenty of information just make sure it's unbiased when you're getting your facts so you can form your own opinion. Here's a photo slide show from the NYT. :)

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