Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rain drops wash it away

Hello my little WQs,

I am so sorry I've been away for so long. Let me just tell ya...the last few weeks have been anything but calm. They've been exciting, anxious, busy, drama, pricey, hot, sticky and we could even throw in scary. In short, I've been wanting to write but I've never had the time or the emotional energy to do so.

Today, however, I'm feeling feisty on my lunch break at my internship. (Did I tell you I have an internship now? That's the busy part of the equation - work, school, intern, homework, repeat).

It's raining outside and I feel like that's just a breath of relief washing away the bad of the past  few weeks. I'm usually a sunshiney girl but after all of that drama under the sun, I could use a little weather change. So here we are. Rainy days for new chances.

But before I get into the new chances bit, I'd like to post a few things that I've thought about writing about for the past few weeks.

1.  I don't know if I've ever told you how important it is to get checked for STDs and pregnancy often. It's VERY important.
2. Always have money in your savings and a way of borrowing more in case your truck jumps off a cliff
3. A good support system of friends is THE BEST
4. Check out the website Emotional Baggage it's wayyy cool
5. You don't have to tell me what's wrong, we can sit in silence together.
6. New Girl is an AWESOME new TV show. She's also me.
7. Cleaning your room cleans your head
8. StumbleUpon is SO bad when you're in school
9. Public Safety apps are on the rise -- google some like Advanced 911
10. Did you know that kids as young as 1 are using iPads?
11. Volunteering is good for your soul
12. When it rains, it pours but, as Andy Grammar says, only rainbows after rain, the sun will always come again
13.  Sometimes you're just on two different pages, but everyone reads at different speeds so you'll get there eventually. :)

Alright, now what is this business about washing things away?
I think rainy days are the perfect days for self-reflection and to make positive changes in your life!

Sit down, do it. Listen to some good music while you're thinking it out and relax :)

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