Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Embracing Chaos and A Jumble of Everything

Things are chaotic. But when aren't they in my life?

Last week I started a new job - which so far I am absolutely loving!! I will only be at about 32 hours a week there and then my shifts serving too. Last week I worked roughly 63 hours. This week it will probably come in closer to 50-55, which is totally do-able and what I'm used to. But I am going to try to salvage time for wedding planning and blogging and reconnecting with friends (I feel so out of touch).

Iman got a promotion this week too, so the reconnecting with friends part is especially difficult. Add on to that, the fact that a lot of my friends have not been answering my texts or calls (I'm assuming because they are equally busy). So I am going to embark on an easy, rekindle our friendship type of thing.

I need to get back on the wedding planning train...granted it is still 11 months away and we have all of the big money stuff done. But I want to do the fun crafting stuff!

I feel like I am constantly working on bettering myself and getting nowhere. I think I need an attitude adjustment and to celebrate the little things that I am doing. Do you ever feel that way?

This week's celebrations are - a more professional look! (Hair change) and style change! As well as a conscious effort to eat better again and watch my budget. YAY I'm making habits.

New Hair by Amanda at Rockin Locks in Long Beach

First day of work outfit!

Just to show off our Sunday adventures

First day at work!

The next round of habit changes are going to include keeping my room clean and exercising. Maybe if I do it in twos it will stick this time.

I've been using my new planner from Amanda @ Pixies and Periwinkles religiously. I LOVE IT.

Another thing I am completely loving is all of my social media ideas flowing and the canvas of my new job. I really want to focus on building their social media, my social media, and maybe one day even do consulting with social media (like I did for Kymberly Marciano, but more clients!

I've realized that social media is the dream job, along with my beautiful WQ magazine that I still can't seem to narrow down the concept. We will get there some day WQs!

What's been happening in your lives?


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