Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warrior Queen Things

My oh my!

Yesterday was a day filled with Warrior Queen things in my inbox. I love when that happens. I noticed them all while I was at work and had to keep telling myself to write about it today!!

First, I wanted to share Angelina Jolie's article about her double mastectomy. I think it is beautiful that she shared the story and what she has done for her family by sacrificing in this way. I've read that we shouldn't be applauding her for this courage, but that we should be applauding the courage of women who suffer silently. Why can't we applaud both of them?

Angelina Jolie made an educated opinion - which she highlights the need to educate lower and middle class women about preventive measures - and instead of keeping it private - something she does have the right to do - she decided to use her celebrity for good. 

The second email I received yesterday that I want to share is a new crowdfunding site for women. 

From the website:

Because equality for girls and women makes a better planet for everyone.
To some people — it’s about rights. To others — it’s about smart economics. Either way — we cannot see progress in our world without addressing gender equality.
There are so many organizations already doing brilliant work for girls and women. They have the expertise, the cultural understanding, and they’ve scoped solutions for big changes.They just need funding.

Let's start a team? :)


P.S. Bonus Warrior Queen thing. This guy who made this video. #FitchTheHomeless

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