Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My first link ups!!

Hi guys,

So I know I just posted like five minutes ago, but I wanted to participate in my first link ups!!

So first I linked up with #WildcardWednesday - I love it because I can make more blogfriends!!

Then I took some from my Carabox friend Laura. She usually does such fun ones!

What I'm Loving Wednesday seems particularly fun!! 

  • Finding a "good" schedule to work 60 hours a week
  • Getting to relax at home today!!
  • How freaking cute my fiance was this morning when he had a bad dream
  • Having a chance to blog
  • Somehow keeping my floor clean since Sunday! HOPEFULLY IT STICKS THIS TIME! 
  • Getting to cook dinner once a week
  • Tomorrow's Parachute concert with my best friend!
  • Social Media love at La Habra Collision
  • Fun wedding planning stuff eeeeee
  • LASTLY, Owl City's new Oreo song and what happened in NYC :) (I AM OBSESSED WITH OWL CITY)

Maybe I will do more tomorrow or next week <3 nbsp="" p="">
Happy Wednesday!



  1. This is a great post!!! Wedding planning? Yes please! I am too. when are you getting married?

  2. Aw! Thanks doll! I love link-ups because they make me have to write....otherwise I would be lazy and say, I have nothing to say today. :)

    1. I used to be like that! Now I'm like "I have no time!" I'm going to start bringing my laptop to work and blogging on my lunch break. I want to blog!


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