Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I really want to bake

It sounds like such fun and relaxation right now. Baking is my favorite distraction and de-stresser.

Eggnog Cookies

Peanut Butter Nutella are BMW's fave!

Hot Cocoa Cookie Fail

Valentine's Day deliciousness, strawberry cake cookies, Red velvet cake cookies and cupcakes!

 It has been too long since I baked for work, but the Sears people are on their way over to fix the washer and I've spent my morning productively!

Cleaned out my car! Organized my room, helped with the kitchen and living room and bathroom!! Wooooooo

You all are so proud of clean-challenged me. Let's see how long it lasts. For the record my room has had clean since Mother's Day. That's almost a whole month!!!

I've taken a few days off from Bdubs this week because I went hiking on Memorial Day and almost DIED. Well, if I had tried to climb the waterfall like everyone else, I probably would have broken my face. [Pictures to come soon] 

 Instead I'm just insanely sore and proud of myself. I've been on a healthier kick again since then, too. Ignore my urge to bake...or the frozen brownie bite I just ate after breakfast.

Time to get back to productivity, hopefully I will get more blogging time in this week :)


  1. Good for you for going on a hike. I really want to go hiking soon, apparenly there are some great spots near where we live. It looks like you are a great baker, I love love love baking cupcakes!
    PS Thanks for linking up with Wildcard Wednesday

    1. Do you live in So Cal? There are so many awesome spots. I'm a complainer even though I love it. My favorite part is that it doesn't even feel like I'm working out!

      Thank you!
      Cupcakes and brownies are my favorite to bake, though I suck at decorating! What is your favorite flavor?


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