Saturday, June 21, 2014

Life with a Side of Coffee June Giveaway

Watch out! I'm back for a second Saturday in a row, and with a giveaway, too. This month's been full of giveaways!

In case you guys were wondering how my spider bite is still hurts but the swelling has gone down?
Oh, and after I published yesterday's post I managed to get my car towed. All I can say is, don't take Benadryl and drive, even if it is just down the street because you'll park in the wrong spot. -__-

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Have a wonderful Saturday!
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  1. Werk werk werk. Oh! I'm surprising my boyfriend with a concert of a band he loves, though.

  2. Glad to hear things are a bit better - side note, I have not run into anything or spilled anything for the morning, yay me. :)

  3. hahhaha, yay!!!!!!! It is such an accomplishment!

  4. good luck! I'm still unpacking from moving last month!

  5. That sounds awesome!! (minus all of the work)


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