Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WW: Perfect Nails

For me, one of the most fun parts about getting ready for our wedding (or any wedding related activity) was doing my nails!

Now, I'm pretty horrible at painting my nails. I can do a solid color, but anything beyond that needs to be taken to the professionals. I love getting my nails done, but my bank account doesn't love it so much. In fact, it's quite the opposite. When I decide to get my nails done, I'm usually sacrificing something else for that luxury (unlike when I was 18 and had no bills and got them done every two weeks).

I found out about the amazingness of Jamberry too late in the game for my wedding, so I'm going to share it with you! I'm not being compensated for this, though I am currently hosting a party by a blogger consultant. I am seriously considering becoming a consultant because these things sell themselves. (I'm horrible at approaching people for sales).

Without further ado, here are my top picks for wedding nails. Each link will take you to the Jamberry website where they always have a buy 3 get 1 free sale (on everything!) If you click my name as the party host and Victoria Meyers as the consultant, you will be a part of my party! We get to virtually party together, since we're so far apart.

Here is the home link for my party if you just wanted to browse yourself.

Purchase here

Purchase here

Purchase here

Purchase here

Of course, I picked some mostly neutral nail designs because I think they're more classical, but of course go all out!! Think of how much more fun this would be than getting your nails done at a salon. They seat you all separate -- the day before my wedding I was literally by myself in the corner getting my nails done for NO reason, my friends got to sit together....they could have easily moved me to one of those seats.

On top of that, I would say that I got my nails done at least 4 times for our wedding festivities (engagement party, engagement photoshoot, bridal shower, wedding) and each time spent around $65. Now in SoCal it is super easy to find affordable nail salons, but I know in some places it isn't that easy *cough* Ohio *cough*. So you could easily be paying more for your fingers and toes. Each $15 Jamberry purchase gives you enough for your fingers and toes and then some. Some packs have lasted multiple applications, depending on how dilligent you are about saving.

Pretty nails, but expensive! (If you look closely you'll see matching toe tattoos!)

What's even better - to me - is that you and your girls could be doing your nails together and for each other. We did that at my bachelorette (but with regular nail polish) which was fun buuut let's admit something here...I was a little too sloshed to keep them from getting messed up.

Problem solved!

Plus, if you wanted a cute design like this at a nail salon you'd be paying extra. So you're welcome.

 photo name.jpg

P.s. Maybe I'm not so bad at this sales thing when I think something is legitimately awesome.

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  1. I've never tried these, though I've always been curious about how well they work and how long they last!

    Also I nominated you for a Liebster award HERE. You don't have to do it, but know you are beloved! ♥

  2. You're so sweet!! I definitely want to do it!!

    Also, they last about 2 weeks depending on how rough you are on your nails!

  3. That's was one of my fav. parts about my wedding too - all of us getting together and getting out nails done. How cute! By the way, I just found your blog over on Natalie's glad I did! I'm excited to be following on GFC and Bloglovin! Come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new blogging buddies!

  4. I want to try Jamberry! It sounds awesome! I never get manicures because I always mess my nails up so fast - always unintentionally of course. I really like that first design!

  5. Yay! I'm so excited you found me! I'm going to send you an email :)

  6. I love these nail styles. I love getting my nails done. We are moving in a couple days, and all I want to do is get a manicure, but I know that packing and unpacking will just ruin them. I'm stopping by from the #summerbloggerchallenge Facebook Group, and I'm now following you on Instagram & Twitter. Have an awesome day!!!

  7. ah! I know that feeling!! I had mine done right before we moved and ugh! I am still waiting for them to finish coming off (they were acrylics).

    Yay! For new followers! I believe I followed you back, but let me know if I managed to follow the wrong person!


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