Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2nd decade?

20. It just hit me that I'm not a teenager anymore. I have responsibilities now. I remember thinking that 18 was a big birthday - "Ohmygosh I'm an adult!" - but I didn't really start acting differently. I didn't have to move out or start paying bills, even now I barely pay bills since I moved back home. 20 is kind of a weird birthday because you're in the second decade of your life, but you still aren't old enough to do certain things (like drink a car?!).

I remember when I turned 18 and graduated from high school being so excited to start college and be on my way toward being a journalist. I think my expectations were unreal. I thought I was going to be working on a newspaper or magazine right away, but in reality I had to wait a year to just APPLY for the journalism school at Ohio State. If I had gone to a community, things might have played out differently - Britney was the editor in chief of her jc newspaper, but I didn't even touch the Lantern at OSU. I feel pretty lost because of this. I haven't written and had an article published in 2 years. Since I graduated high school I have taken exactly one actual journalism class (copyediting) and written 2 articles for that class (which the professor loved). But I didn't forge a relationship with him. He was an awesome teacher but he had so many students I doubt he'll remember me. So now, as I try to apply for an internship at a magazine, I'm looking seriously disadvantaged. But I'm not going to let this discourage me - nor should you let any adversity get in your way.

When I want something - I do everything in my power to get it. I am a strong believer that if you try hard enough, you'll get what you want. So right now might be transitional - as I'm waiting for classes to begin; my work to be enjoyable again; and my bank accounts to show more than a couple of hundred dollars - but I will reach my goals. I will move out, I will be a journalist and I will love my job.


  1. Psh. You don't pay bills? I tried to not let you hand me a check (thought I got away with it 2x, then you drove out here!) and you wouldn't have any part of that lady. So I am here to attest that not only do you pay bills, but you even pay advances on your bills due.

    You, my child, will go far. You are a driven woman, a WQ. Is the situation what you thought it would be? Nope. Are you going to rise to the top? Absolutely most certainly so!

  2. haha I was paying you for the past 3 months!! I will drive and give you a check every month! It's only 10 dollars and I'm trying to be responsible and learn!! haha. but I don't pay rent, and utilities, and all that jazz like i used to.

    Thank you Aunt Nik, I really do believe that too. I just get restless sometimes =]
    i love you

  3. uhhh, technically i think you're entering your third decade right?

  4. very true jeffy. i retract the 2nd decade statement.


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