Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whatever happened to romance?

I may be channeling Carrie Bradshaw, but lately the girls and I have come to the conclusion that romance is dead. I could be watching too many old Hollywood movies, but where are the Carey Grants and the James Deans of today?

What I really want to know is if guys think that the lines they drop actually work on us. Because when I hear a line, or when a guy bluntly says something to me...it just doesn't turn me on. "I want you" can work, depending on the tone and situation. "I think you want some hot Italian sausage in you right now" not so much. AT ALL.

Don't get me wrong, us girls aren't searching for guys to recite Shakespeare to us and to dote. But a little romance every once in awhile can go a loong way. Spontaneity is nice every once in awhile - but guys like to get stuck in their little comfort ruts, which can be fine. But an occasional surprise is absolutely fantastic. Noticing the specifics are fantastic - when we change our hair style, the color of our eyes - those types of things really get a girl to go "awww." (aww is one of our favorite things to say btw)

Romance shouldn't be dead - and it really isn't hard to please most girls if you pay close attention. However, girls aren't entirely blameless either. We have our fair share of non-romantic moments that really can turn a guy off (like the mere mention of a menstrual cycle!!) But it's life, you want to get comfortable with a person. The occasional romance - surprise - opening the door for us, giving us a massage, even asking how our days were - that's all we really want. We want to feel like we're special.

I didn't mean for this blog to bash on guys - I've had my fair share of romance from boys - especially opening the door for me and it just makes me feel so fantastic. But every once in awhile, a girl just wonders..."where did it all go?"


  1. You are so very right! You are not bashing guys you are just letting them know what we girls want!


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