Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not a WQ Post...but something to be concerned with

My aunt has a blog geared toward moms and their children and I was reading it today and came across an amazing blog post about PETA. Basically, PETA's most recent campaign is targetting children and actually sent my aunt an "UNhappy Meal" which my three year old cousin opened and was ultimately traumatized. Check out her blog post!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Thanks Rae for posting about this...it is a horrible campaign! I agree that something needs to be done to change the way these animals are treated, but not at the expense of our innocent children.

  2. You might find this interesting. As I've said before, they're terrorists.

    Of course, PETA declined any relations to ELF or ALF but I'm personally more inclined to believe they would, and just deny it.

    Also, watch out for your pets.

    Granted, other than the CNN piece, I'm not entirely sure how reliable the information is. But, the information is out there regardless.


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