Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PMS Hell

Okay, I know I have been SERIOUSLY slacking on this blog but things have been a little crazy adjusting to school and work (I got a new job and start sunday!!) Also, last week I was on this crazy PMS rant and frankly, I'm surprised people even wanted to talk to me, much less actually hang out with me. It was probably for the better that I didn't post. Isn't PMS a killer though?

I was literally having intensely crazy mood swings and major self-confidence issues. One minute I'd be crying because I had been bailed on again! and the next I'd be laughing hysterically about something that probably wasn't even that funny. The worst part is that I know my emotions are being crazy and I should just relax but I have no idea how to achieve that relaxation - especially when I'm all hormonal. My poor boyfriend was visiting and lay victim to my tantrums and rants (though I of course tried to avoid being crazy to him at all possible costs).

It all culminated on Thursday when I got in this HUGE fight with my mom because I'm so high strung. It's like when I'm PMSing I am a completely different person with intensified OCD tendencies and high-strung personality behaviors. Of course, because I was being so irrational our fight wasn't about anything that was hugely important or life or death or anything...we fought over cheese. That's right, cheese. Here's the story.

My mom was trying to be super sweet and rushed home after work to make us all hamburgers before I had class at SIX. She wanted us to all be able to eat together because my night classes have seriously been conflicting with family dinner time. Anyway, she forgot to buy American cheese for the hamburgers, and this is the only cheese I really find acceptable on hamburgers. I tried to stay calm. I really am trying to work on that...but it somehow worked otu into a huge fight and mental break down on my part.

[[Side note]] After I realized this isn't the first time I've gotten in a fight about cheese when I'm PMSing. It used to happen almost ever month when I was 14 and 15. But it was over the Easy Cheese in a Can. I used to be / am obsessed with that stuff. I must be super weird and cheese is what I crave when I'm hormonal.

But my point is...by Saturday it was all gone. My moods have returnedto a manageable level and I'm looking back at the girl I was last week going who the fuck is she? And thank god my boyfriend loves me enough to stick through it!! haha.

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