Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Confidence, use it.

The other day I (Katy) was chatting with Raewyn, expressing my feelings about how confidence has made a huge impact on my life recently and she kindly asked me to write about it for her blog! So here I am to express my opinion on confidence! :)

Confidence, everyone has it, but not everyone uses it. I’m pretty sure if you were to ask any male (over the age of 18) what the sexiest thing a girl could possibly wear is, he’d answer confidence. That is however after he jokingly states “nothing.” The power of confidence is completely overlooked. Confidence is what gives us power, it makes us “warrior queens.” It gives us the ability to overcome fears, stand a little bit taller, and gives us the ability to walk into a room full of girls and not feel inferior. It also allows us to stand in the buff in front of a boy and actually enjoy ourselves instead of worrying about what he’s thinking about our bodies. Confidence has to be one of the most powerful tools a girl can have, we just need to know how to use it. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best when she said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So why are we not using it? Why do we let others make us feel inferior? I can speak from personal experience when I say that confidence is amazing, it has allowed me to enjoy life without worrying what others are thinking, and do you know how amazing that feeling is? How do we gain confidence? We need to embrace who we are, stop looking at ourselves in the mirror picking out what’s wrong with our bodies, and instead think about how amazing our bodies, you are YOU, that’s what makes you special. Perhaps you don’t have legs for days like Cameron Diaz, but your smile is probably brighter than the sun. We are more than what meets the eye, beauty is but only skin deep. Confidence allows our personalities to shine, and gives us the oomph to stand a bit taller and do things we once were too “afraid” to do, such as call a boy first, wear a specific outfit you thought you “couldn’t pull off” or apply for a specific job you didn’t think you could get. Confidence goes hand in hand with positive thinking. If you think you’re amazing, you are, others will pick up on it and believe it too.

So my little warrior queens, let me remind you how beautiful you are, no matter what anyone else says. Stand tall, feel beautiful and use that powerful tool inside you called confidence to take charge of your own life. :)

<3 Katy

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