Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do Something

Have you ever been on the website,

Chances are, you have not. But let me tell you how cool it is. This site offers volunteer opportunities in almost any field you can imagine; the resources you need to start a club; and... *drum roll please* grants for your clubs you start up.

Each week this organization gives away 250 dollars in grants to start-up clubs as well as other grants and ways to win prizes. I found it on and am attempting to use this to help with the warrior queen movement.

Even if the movement doesn't fit the criteria -- this website is still absolutely amazing. You know me, I'm always searching for volunteer opportunities and failing at finding them. This website offers exactly what I've been looking for.

Here are a few cool projects currently going on:

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Love is the New Black
Young Women in Real Life Situations
Finding the Fabulous
Ophelia's Voice

Check it out, and I'll post the club page and projects for WQ when I can :)

- Raewyn

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