Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Worthy Enough"

Hi friends!

As Raewyn has mentioned, there are changes going on in order to get the ball rolling on this Warrior Queen movement! With that said, I find it best fit to introduce myself as one of the new writers. My name is Daniela and I've joined the team with great confidence in what it stands for:

"strong individuals, filled with self-confidence and realize not only the potential they have, but the potential in every girl out there to overcome the harsh eye society has put on being a girl."

However, to be quite honest, I've been nervous all day about posting something for the first time. Tossing back and forth ideas in my brain of what to talk to you all about. Nothing seemed worthy enough. And of course, when that happened- I realized what was wrong.

Sometimes, when we're in constant search of the perfect idea, moment, or something "worthy enough" we forget to just appreciate and enjoy what the present holds.

So I'll leave you with what I've learned for the day:

Live the moment, don't live for it.

Talk to you soon,

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