Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter of Encouragement

So, in my volunteer work with TWLOHA I've decided to write a letter of encouragement and send to them. They send them to someone in need and it's completely anonymous. Of course, I wanted to share my letter and hope that you could do something like this too. Also, check out the website :) It's fun!

Keep holding on :)
I like to find comfort in music when I'm feeling upset. There's something about the crescendos, beats, and lyrics that seem to remind me that I'm special.
The nice thing about music is that it's everywhere and there's something for everyone that will unlock those emotions and release the pain.
Life happens and it can be scary what it throws at you but I know we can get through it. We have each other and even when we don't know or realize it, we have love. Even if it's the love of someone we haven't yet met, it's still there. The potential for greatness is always there.
As someone with an anxiety disorder and prone to panic attacks, the unknown is scary. I want to be in control. But if i have complete control where is the beauty? I like to find beauty in the imperfections. If everything were perfect where would the individuality be?
Be yourself. That's my mantra. Even when I don't know who I am I sit in introspection and do what my heart says. Listen to your heart - so cliche, but so true.
In the words of Anna Nalick
"No one can find the rewind button so cradle your head in your hands and breathe, just breathe"
The truth is, I love you. Even though I don't know you. I know that I love you for the strength you have and the beauty that is you.

Have a beautiful day,

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  1. Extremely well documented exactly what i was looking for. Letters UK


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