Friday, December 26, 2014

Bumpdate: Week 12

I'm not going to lie, when I was just a blogger (not a wife, or a mommy-to-be), I would get giddy about other's bumpdates. I always knew I wanted to post them, even though they really have little to do with my Warrior Queen blog. Well, actually, let me take that back. They have tons to do with it!

I'm a woman (hear me roar) and this is how my pregnancy is going. This is who I am. This is me embracing my womanhood and all aspects of me. Duh, that's what being a Warrior Queen is all about.

Alright, now that I cleared that up with myself, I am excited to post my first ever bumpdate. The baby ages a week every Thursday (does that mean I conceived on a Thursday??) so, Friday's are the perfect day. Plus I like to just mosey around on Fridays so less serious posts are wonderful.

In typical blogger fashion, I scoured the internet for some fun questions to answer and I found these at Always Katie (who is just a few weeks ahead of me!) Also, maybe I love bumpdates so much because I get to answer survey questions and anyone who was friends with me on MySpace and Facebook know I have a PROBLEM. Also, when my Xanga was up, that thing was covered in surveys..


How far along?
12 weeks!  It was a nice little Christmas present :)

Our appointment is officially set for February 20.

How big are they?
According to my mom's phone (she has an app, how cute is that??) The baby is the size of a lime. All of my apps (obsessed, much?) say lime or "large" plum. Basically, 2.5 inches? 

Changing Momma

Have you started to show yet?
YES! Which actually sparked a lot of debate at all of my Christmas festivities on if there are two in there...I mean, twins run in BOTH of our families. Maybe that "yolk sac" in the ultrasound pic is a second baby? Which led Iman to panic that one baby is less developed than the other. I just laughed. One or two there's no changing what's going on in there! Also, maybe my belly is just big because I have no room for a growing uterus in my teeny body??

Weight gain?
So, this one always confuses me because I think I've gained 3 lbs since I found out I was pregnant, but I never used to weigh myself regularly. A few weeks ago I was 129, but last night I was back at 125 so I'm thinking the bloat was on? 

Maternity Clothes?
Yes! I got my first maternity bra and I love it (Iman says it looks like an old lady bra) and maternity work pants. I'm mostly living in maxis, yoga pants and leggings, but I did get a maternity Christmas dress that I wore yesterday that is BEAUTIFUL

Stretch Marks?

Belly Button In or Out?
So this one makes me laugh. I have an outtie to begin with, though it has gotten much more inward as I've grown older. So it's in...or as in as it's ever been...but still kinda out.

Momma's Feeling

I crave random things, randomly. In N Out is a weekly staple. I eat spicier food now, too.

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Don't hate me, but I have felt nauseous a total of ONE day of my pregnancy. It was last week and I think it's because I waited to eat and took my prenatals on an empty stomach. Besides that, I just feel blah after eating, and gag whenever I cough too much...that's awkward.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?
I would like the happy hormones please! I keep getting REALLY mad, which I never get mad so that is fun. Definitely irritable. 

Not that I know of! Though I have been feeling weird feeling things but everyone says I shouldn't feel the baby yet.

I am starting to feel less tired (surviving without naps!) but sleep still sucks. I am learning that it is much easier to fall asleep on the couch than in our bed. And if Iman gets into bed after me, it always wakes me up and then I can't get comfortable. 

What I Miss:
I miss trying different cheeses and DRINKING! Not like heavily drinking, but we always do some slight drinking at the holidays - er, by slight I mean we do a trivia game that involves shots...this year they did RUMCHATA and I had to sit and watch. Also, why is everyone drinking cider near me. BAN the cider. Luckily, Jimi keeps buying me Martinelli's. Such a sweet roommate.

Other Symptoms:
None! Whenever people ask how the baby is I always end up saying something like "doing it's thing." It's still hard to believe I'm pregnant since I don't have any symptoms.

Highlights and Coming Soon

Best Moment of the Week:
Getting to see all of the family I hadn't seen yet so they could love on the baby bump! 

Looking Forward To: 
Ultrasound on Tuesday, doc appointment on Wednesday  and picking a date f or my maternity boudoir photoshoot!! I met with my photographer friend today :) 


I'd also like to introduce you to another sponsor of mine!! Sara owns and runs a beautiful shop called Maidens of the Pacific

She begin by learning screenprinting and was inspired by folk designs and mermaids. Her designs are her interpretation of Pacific folk art. For now, she sells online, but Sara dreams of turning Maidens of the Pacific into a commercial shop and local cooperative.

Of course, I'm always interested in what motivates people to create, so I asked Sara where she gets it all from. She says that the ocean inspires her everyday. 

While she mostly screenprints shirts, Sara also loves to paint and work with fibers and wood. 

I can't get over her gorgeous designs (which you may have seen me sharing on FB and Twitter this past month!) Here are some amazing pictures: 

Check out Sara's website // instagram // pinterest

 photo name.jpg

Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. I have to completely admit: I adore your bumpdates. Maybe that is the long-distance friend in me, who knows! ;)
    It is so different to have the irritability, but not the "morning sickness" -- all of my friends who have one seem to have the other. Every pregnancy is so individual! (Though, if I ever get pregnant, I will gladly inherit your lack of morning sickness. ;) ) Thank you for sharing yours with all of us! ❤❤❤

  2. You look so cute! I'm glad to hear pregnancy is agreeing with you.

  3. haha aww thank you so, so much!!!! It is crazy to see how different they all are and to hear what people tell me! Also, totally interesting to see how the genetics work, so check with your mom if she had morning sickness!!

  4. :) aww, thank you so much!!!! I am so happy it is, too :)

  5. Eeeeeep I'm so excited for you! I NEED to see this belly of yours in person soon!


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