Friday, March 5, 2010

Panic Attacks

I know I've been severely failing at writing my own blogs right now, I have a long list of blogs that I want to write but an even longer list of homework assignments to do and those come first. So in the meantime, here's another article that I found!!

All people will feel anxious and stressed out at one point or the other. However, if you are experiencing what doctors refer to as panic attacks, then what you have is a truly serious problem. People who experience panic attacks on a regular basis will have symptoms like trembling, abdominal pain, dizziness and shortness of breath to name a few. There are even some who have gone to emergency rooms thinking that what they are having is actually a heart attack.

The physical signs and symptoms of anxiety attacks may not be that life threatening. However, such symptoms can leave a devastating impact in your life since they can keep you from driving a vehicle, being productive at school or work, interacting with other people and so on. Written in this article are a couple of ways that can help you in terms of controlling panic attacks.
1) Single out the possible triggers. Each person is an individual. With that said, the things that might be triggering the attacks may vary from one person to the other. Try to identify what is causing the onset of attacks, so you could steer away from them or possibly prepare yourself beforehand, so you could better cope and deal with them. 
2) Learn relaxation methods. Yoga, breathing techniques, deep meditation can help you remain composed, focused and calm.
3) Avoid drinking coffee. If your goal is to cure panic attacks, stay away from diet pills, soda, coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is considered a stimulant and can aggravate your CNS or central nervous system which can trigger the occurrence of an attack.
4) Acquire plenty of rest. Not having enough shut eye can make you feel stressed out which in turn makes you more prone to having attacks.
5) Workout regularly. Exercising promotes the release of healthy endorphins into your bloodstream and will give you that natural sense of ecstasy. When you are happy, you limit the chances of attacks from occurring.

Do you get panic attacks? How do you handle them?

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