Monday, March 22, 2010

WQ Recognition

Rosa Parks was an ultimate warrior queen. All the way down to the definition. She gracefully fought segregation. She refused to be treated in a manner less than she deserved. She was a queen. She inspires me.

Not only did she refuse to get up (please note, she sat IN the colored section NOT next to a white person). She accpeted her punishment for breaking the law with grace. She didn't fight it then and there. She waited, then went on to fight the injustices and claim her civil liberties taht were promised to her by the Constitution.

She did not partake in hatred for whites, nor in any hate crimes or illegal activities. She spoke of love and nurtured the minds of teens to believe the truth that they can be what they want. She merely taught them what was supposedly her inalienable rights. They organized a Bus Boycott. Also, something that was not illegal, but alltogether aggravating to the whites in the South.

I admire her. In American Studies last week we beganwatching a video on civil liberties, Rosa Parks and MLK. I'm so empathetic. I got all teary eyed because I was proud of her for being a warrior queen. Before they were even called that. She's an inpsiration, a role model.

Who else is a good historical WQ and role model?

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