Monday, March 29, 2010

Running Away

I just got back from watching The Runaways. It opened in select theaters and opens everywhere on April 9th. The storyline follows the book written by Cherie Currie, former lead singer of the band The Runaways. It chronicles the band's rise to fame and her own downfall coupled with Joan Jett's imminent success.

It was pretty fuckin awesome. Those girls are warrior queens, even though they dabbled in things that I, personally would hope most warrior queens don't do (hard drugs). It was a different time, but Joan fought for her dream. I must admit, I'm a little disappointed in my father for not inundating me with their awesome music at a young age, leaving me able to only recall some of Joan Jett's songs and none of the Runaways (although, I have seen Joan Jett and the Blackhearts live in concert <3)

As far as the acting went in this flick...Kristin Stewart BLEW ME AWAY. I don't generally think of her as a great actress. I suppose she is though, and has just played crappy parts. (Let's face it, Bella has a very flat personality, Kristin Stewart had NOTHING to work with.) She had the stance down, the attitude, the name it, she seemed to fit the part perfectly. Dakota Fanning was nothing short of amazing, as always. She really is one of my favorite actresses, and I'm very happy to see her getting roles as she's aged and matured, instead of just being a child star.


On a completely and totally different note...I found this article when I was logging onto MSN just a few minutes ago and really felt the need to share it, but not the need to divide it into another post so, I'm just going to join these two together. I'll link to the article, but here's my overview of this.

This girl from Yemen, who is now 12 years old, has just had a memoir published in her name in America. I need to get it and read it. The story follows her marriage at the age of 9, and divorce at 10. She is such a warrior queen!! There are definitely problems in our world (particularly in the Third World) where poverty surmounts to child brides. This young girl had the courage to run away, hail a taxi, and with the help of a human right's lawyer, appeal and get the first divorce among child brides in her country. She is such an inspiration!!  [[Although, I can't help but think how messed up her adolescents is going to be, since I've started to study adolescents and emerging adulthood in one of my psych classes. I'm beginning to realize just how much your past does affect who you are today.]]

Anyway, enough of my random postings for tonight. I am still working on that other blog, but I needed to throw this up tonight before I forgot about it! Sleep well,

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