Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bittersweet Tastes

Disappointment doesn't have to always leave a bitter taste in your mouth, though most days and most people will tell you it does. Disappointment is easy to come by with the high expectations we have for ourselves and others. Having high hopes is not necessarily bad though, it's all in how you deal with it.

Last night, I discovered that I cannot do the internship this summer that I so wanted to do. I thought this internship would be the next step closer to making this into a full blown movement and, of course a magazine. I want to help people and I want to see how a movement is run. What are the best ways for the grass roots to spread?

I had my hopes set on this internship and even began saving money for it (it's unpaid.) Last night, I was disappointed, heart broken and a bit discouraged; but today, I have decided this is more bittersweet than crushing. But wait a second, why?

I thought this internship was the next step, but maybe it's not. Maybe there's something better planned for my next step for this summer. Maybe, something big is going to happen. I mean, I know something big is going to happen, big things always happen in my life - but maybe this is something big for the movement.

You see, I graduate on May 22, and I thought that I was going to have to skip graduation to go to the internship, something I was initially bittersweet about. But the internship actually starts the week of finals, which cannot be missed or rescheduled. Did I mention this internship is in Florida? So now, I get to walk at my college graduation - a once in a lifetime experience.

For Christmas, I asked for money from family members so I could afford this internship. I was looking at needing about 10,000 dollars for 3 months (it's unpaid and I would need room and board, gas, my regular bills, etc). It was probably very unlikely I'd have made that much money for the internship, but I was determined. Since my family gave me money though, I now have a surplus of money for Warrior Queen disposal. So that means we might get the things we want / need like t-shirts and promo.

So now, I start the search for a career after college, and exciting Warrior Queen stuff on the way!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Raewyn,
    Your attitude is nothing short of inspirational.
    Love, Barbara


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