Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warrior Queens

Hi guys,

Sorry for the week-long hiatus. I went on vacation for my last week of winter break and am currently in North Carolina. I found some time to write for you guys and it's about something very important that happened to me last week :)

Have you met the original WQs? The girls who got me through high school with the WQ philosophy. The girls who were going to get WQ tattoos with me? Well, there was a group of us...I want to say 5 or 6 who started calling ourselves WQ back in the day.

A few of some of the original WQs (I'm in the middle)

Now, the idea was started by Sasha after she read "The Rules",  "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Why Men Love Bitches."

She introduced it to me and I introduced it to the other girls and soon enough we were all living and breathing it and writing WQ on our hands and wrists to remind ourselves to STAY STRONG. 

Originally, it revolved around boys (of course) and in staying strong when we liked a guy. We weren't going to be manipulated, we weren't going to text boys constantly wondering WHY ISN'T HE TALKING TO ME! No, that's because we read what we considered the WQ bible (Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov).

Then without us realizing it, it morphed into our whole lives. We were realizing that by acting strong and confident and in control of ourselves, the rest of our lives were changing for the better. We took a positive outlook. Now, it's been many years since that all began, and there have been countless other girls joining in the WQ movement - some of which you've heard from on here. It's only going to get bigger.

So I guess this post is a little bit introduction, a little bit nostalgic, and a little bit of a reminder to all of my WQs out there that times will change and people will grow but you're always going to have someone to be your pillar of strength when times fall short.

Thank you to all of the amazing WQs I have met in the years and to the others I will continue to meet. Whether you came into my life by accident for a short period of time or if you've grown to be one of my closest friends, thank you for the love and support.



  1. Beautiful girlies.

  2. you know you're one of the originals and we were talking about how much we miss you that night!

  3. This is a wonderful and supportive group of young women who recognize the beauty and strength in all women. Throughout the ages, women have been manipulated and strung along by men, it is wonderful that this movement was born to make women recognize their own beauty and strength. Thank you for making us Warrior Queens.


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