Monday, January 9, 2012

Girl's Date

I like to go on girl dates. I like to go have lunch or dinner or an exciting adventure that some people would consider a good idea to do on a date, with my friends.

Have you ever tried it? Planned a day with a close friend to do something that is just the two of you? It's a great way to have a little escape and it's a little more than just a simple hang out.

I usually plan girl dates when I haven't seen a friend in awhile and we have a lot of catching up to do. We like to plan something special, and yesterday, I went to tea.

My friend B and I were best friends in high school but had a falling out senior year and, since then have rekindled, but our lives are so much more hectic now that we rarely get to see each other (factor in 100 miles distance between our houses).

Here's our perfect girl date! I hope you enjoy it (or something similar) with a close friend soon!

We arrived downtown around 1 PM with reservations at the tea place (just go on google and search tea salons in your area) for 230. B and I have an addiction problem with vintage shopping: she loves everything 1920s and soft and pink. I'm more of a 1950s, loud colors and punk rock type of girl. We both fell in love with something we couldn't afford (tea sets and vintage hats), promising ourselves we'd return someday or have enough money someday to own all of the vintage things we love.

As we arrived at the tea salon, we decided to do "Tea For Two" (it was in French though).
      2 scones with creme and jam
      6 assorted tea sandwiches
      6 assorted petit fours
This was for 44 dollars, which is a normal price, usually from 20-30 dollars a person depending on how fancy you want to go.

We laughed, we ate, we sipped our teas and we watched all of the people around us. There's always an assortment of people - young girls, kids, old ladies, flamboyant ladies, and we even saw a couple for the first time yesterday.

It was such a much needed break, and in our hectic lives sometimes we need to plan those days.

Try drinking tea, too; it's so relaxing :)

Happy Monday!

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