Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Positive feedback

The other day I received the best positive feedback for Warrior Queen that I could ever get.

Peer feedback is important to everyone, no matter your age or rank. To know that you are doing right by someone who has been exposed to the same things as you, and who is not of your group of friends - or even someone who knows you is inspiring.

This message came on my WQ blog posted last Thursday - entitled Warrior Queens. I posted it on the Tumblr, in hopes that someone who doesn't frequent this website would read it, like it, feel inspired by it and, it worked. The post was reblogged with the message above to all of her followers.

((I'm a lot more active on the Tumblr because there are more followers and it is easier to reblog things, without worrying about infringing on someone else's copyright. I'm always very careful on this website to attribute, but on Tumblr, it is done automatically.))

This follower told her followers to keep an eye out for WQ because the movement's going to go big -- my dreams are going to come true. That's why Warrior Queen is being trademarked, and that's why as soon as it is I'm making us rubber bracelets, stickers and...maybe even t-shirts? Let me know!

On the topic of positive feedback, if you ever feel like you are unsure of something or need a second opinion, feel free to message me anything at beawarriorqueen@gmail.com. I will proofread, help with ideas, help you get your point across, etc. Words are my escape, but I know some people have trouble with it and a lot of people have been given negative feedback their whole lives on it.

Not only that, but I want you to know that YOU are special and deserve positive feedback. You deserve something special in your life. I hope you find it, I will help you find it.

Have a great day,

P.S. Thank you to EVERYONE who gives me feedback on this; I am only highlighting this instance because it is WQ affecting someone who has not met me personally and witnessed my passion.

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