Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I know I periodically share Debbie Puente's columns on here and I think today's is perfect. Here's an excerpt, click read  more for the rest (it's short). And prepare for regular posts, I have an idea that I will start working on this week. Things were crazy hectic with the holidays (and getting sick)

Great New Years Resolution Every Woman Should Make 
No, not the lose weight or exercise type of resolution—I’m talking about the enhance-your-life-in-the-name-of-friendship resolution.
We have all had our times of self-centeredness, where a friendship gets neglected. Why not make a simple resolution to reconnect with an old friend? If you’re like most people, you have drifted away from a good friend, most likely caused by going in different directions. Perhaps your priorities have shifted back to a place where you can now make time for an important friendship.

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Enjoy guys!

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