Friday, January 20, 2012


It's hard to inspire on a daily basis. Some days are harder than others and when people are relying on you to say the right thing and to help them, it can be a bit scary.

But that's okay too.

Think of all of the people in your life who inspire you, sometimes without meaning to. You have your usual people - family members, mentors, teachers, and friends. But then you also have the people who aren't quite so known or recognized. The random stranger you met at the bus stop who did something nice for the person sitting next to them. Maybe it's something you read online. At any rate, you're inspired to do something and no matter how long that something or the resolve still did it. For a moment, you were inspired. 

That leaves a wonderful feeling inside. Living an inspired life is uplifting, and kind of like the world's best kept secret.

Inspiration is everywhere but too many people go through the motions to truly see it. Too many people get caught up in the what if and in the mundane to really grasp that it's all okay. Living a positive and inspired life is rewarding, and you'll find yourself healthier and making better decisions too.

When we're inspired we do the best things. We find ourselves snapping at people less, loving our jobs and helping those in need because the bad things don't seem to matter just as much as they did yesterday before you were inspired.

Inspiration is hope. 

When you're inspired you also inspire others, and that's something that I always strive for. But on a daily basis I sit at my computer screen and think, how in the world can I inspire someone today? What topic haven't I covered. Then I get inspired all over again and I find something - anything - to write about and for you to eat it up.

Being inspiring is not something you can control, and don't think of it as something that is a burden. Like mentioned above, we're all going to have our off days on life where we'd rather lay in bed eating junk food and watching sappy movies than do anything positive. Or the days when we just want to scream at everyone because nothing seems to be going right.

That's okay. You'll be inspired again tomorrow.

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