Monday, January 30, 2012

Have you ever been so lost?

The Katy Perry song "Lost" keeps playing in my head when I think about this subject.

"Have you ever been so lost? / Known the way / and still so lost?"

Sometimes as girls we get a little silly. We get a little silly and forget who we are. We know the way, but we're still so lost.

Now, boys don't always have to be the reason of our forgetfulness (though they often are) - it could be a new job or a new group of friend. Everyone and everything are going to change you but you can control the extent.

Warrior Queens like to be themselves through and through.

There's a difference between becoming enlightened and discovering a new passion and losing oneself because of a fad or another person.

For example, my boyfriend likes football. So I watch it with him and attempt to learn about it and discover who my favorite team is. I'm not out there buying his favorite player's jersey and clearing my schedule on Sundays and Monday nights.

What I'm doing is normal. The last part is...not. It's unhealthy. 

The way I think about it is this: if you become interested in something for someone else, what will happen if that person leaves? Especially if you've already bought tickets to every single game for the next 10 years.

You are going to be lost because you let yourself go.

You forgot what your favorite color was and who you looked up to. Your best friend loves Audrey Hepburn and the color orange and you think Audrey's haughty and orange looks like puke. But you like it because your best friend likes it. So you paint your room orange and put Audrey posters all over the walls. Then the two of you have a huge blow out fight.

But you can't seem to escape the things she likes because they're in your bedroom staring at you...

You think I'm being extreme but this happens everyday.

Please, be yourself,

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