Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Being a Warrior Queen Means...Me

It's never been my intention to make this blog about looks or anything like that. When people hear I want to start my own magazine they say "Oh! Like Seventeen?"


I don't want my magazine/blog to be about looks, fashion, getting the guy, mainstream things, etc...there are already countless magazines that do that.

I want my magazine to be more similar to BYou [which, pardon me for a moment but scared me because I want to change the world, I don't want someone else to...]. But then I stopped having my little hissyfit in my head and realized that...I just want to change the world anyway I can.

I join and volunteer with nonprofits because I want to help. I write articles that I think are meaningful, and I try my best to be supportive in everything. There is a niche for me - even though the magazine may have the same ideas as me, we are not one and the same, nor would our magazines be one and the same. [[Thanks daddy for reminding me of that!!]]

While coming to that realization, I also realized that avoiding talking about looks and body image did not benefit me or my readers. I am still a human being - a female human being who has spent her life being bombarded with society telling me to care about my looks. So, of course I do. Ignoring this is like pushing it under the rug.

I was skeptical at first about posting about my journey to getting healthier [[think of the wording. Not losing weight or being fat...those are the words they want us to use. No, I'm using this warrior queen word called HEALTHY. It is different for every person.]]. But I posted my Wanted: An Accountability Partner post on Friday because I was fed up with my own lack of motivation.

I got some support for it! Woooo hoooo!! Then today I saw Brittney's Reality Check and decided to just go for it! Do it!

Of course, I'm starting this my bday week and when I'm going to Vegas, but that's okay.

I am holding myself accountable for all of my choices and actions. Only I can make changes in my life, only I can control the outcome because I control my reaction. 


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