Monday, June 3, 2013

Engagement Photoshoot!!!!

I have literally five minutes to post this on my lunch break because the Sbux Wi-Fi was being annoying but I just wanted to post our sneak peeks from our engagement shoot yesterday!!

Sneak Peek #1 from Mica!

After barely sleeping Saturday night [thanks to some 8th grade graduation celebration going on next door until 3 am], I woke up bright and early for a Sunday and got all ready for a day of adventure!!!

My mom curled my hair in loose ringlets, since my friend in hair school decided to go to Vegas instead, that I pulled into waves. My hair is naturally wavy, but also frizzy, so I decided to do this so that it could look natural and nice, but not frizzy and natural. It turned out fabulous!!

Then I quickly whipped up mini coconut cream pies and banana cream pies for dinner at a dear Ohio State friend's house. These turned out perfect! I should have taken pictures, but I put them in mini jars, inspired by Love From the Oven.

I rushed to MAC to get my makeup done - I was so worried it was going to look extreme, but it didn't! I bought some awesome coral lipgloss, with lip liner and nude lipstick. YAY for more girly makeup stuff.

Then came the good stuff!! Iman and I ended up eating at Lucille's because our photographer's power had gone out and she needed to finish charging the camera battery. It was so much fun just relaxing and having a Sweet Tea cocktail before. Our photographer, Mica, is a friend of Iman's but I had never met her so I was nervous. Luckily she is awkward like me so we got along great!!

We drove around South OC, trying to decide exactly where we wanted to go. We ended up at O'Neil Park for awhile, and found some great scenic places to do a regular photoshoot. I wore a white dress. AH! It's so real :)

Iman was so funny though. He fell off a cliff at our crazy hike on Memorial Day [not his first cliff to go off of either...] and had a cut on his knee that was healing. He managed to hit it during the photoshoot so flies kept buzzing around and he was freaking out.

My poor fiance. I tried my best to not laugh and wave the flies away...

Then we headed over to the creek area by my old house. It's awesome because we used to hang out at that park when we were in high school. i think it has sentimental value, not sure if the boy does.

We unleashed the paint!! Mister fiance is very competitive so let's just say I ended up more thoroughly covered in paint. I'm also shorter, so the majority of the paint went on my face. After some intense paint battles where I threw purple paint directly into his maid of honor came and helped us so we could get a pretty cloud of paint around us while we kissed.

That part was so much fun!!! Though awkward me did manager to get blue powder paint in her mouth aaaaand spit blue for a good 30 minutes. Did I mention I'm a hypochondriac. I checked the bottle like 15 times to make sure it was nontoxic and didn't swallow any saliva for that 30 mins.

Then we piled back in the car, rushed home and showered and was only 6 minutes late to our dinner date! #ManAreWeGood.

ANYWAY! I might be late back to work so I better scram. Happy [tired] Monday!


P.s. Miraculously, my MAC eye makeup survived all of that and I looked refined for dinner. SCORE. They might be magicians.

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