Friday, June 14, 2013

The Work-Budget Dilemma

Obviously, I don't write in my blog regularly and this time I cannot blame it on lack of inspiration, motivation organization, or any other -zation that applies. Instead, I can blame it entirely on...drum roll please...the work-budget dilemma that I've faced for the past several years.

I'm just going to put it out there that I have been working for 8 years...and I have worked for Mervyns, Faculty Club, Pottery Barn, Campfire Kids, Columbus Nanny, Fruitti Yogurt, California Terriyaki Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Mi Casa, Lazy Dog Cafe, Victoria's Secret, Planet Bravo, BMW, Kymberly Marciano Photography, Buffalo Wild Wings (again), La Habra Collision, Hollywood Music Magazine, Live Magazine, LA Parent, University Link 15 different companies. This does not include either of my two internships, two freelance magazines, or consistent babysitting jobs that I have had.

I know, that's a lot of work. Usually I am working at least 2 jobs at a time. Everyone calls me the busy bee, and I have lost some friendships because of my busy schedule. I like to be busy, but I also have a lot events in my life that cost money. Some are planned (roadtrips, moving out, concerts, wedding). Many of these events have been unplanned, like my house fire*, luck with Tut-Tut and the saga of driving a 1988 pick up truck*. I wouldn't change any of these events.

Now that I'm planning my life with someone else though, the exhaustion of two jobs is so much heavier than it used to be - or maybe I'm just old. Unfortunately, it is a necessity. Throw in this economy and I'm broke. Not poor or rich, definitely in debt but still not working out a great budget.

It's a vicious cycle. I am literally only home to sleep most days, so there is no time to prepare food or even go shopping. So then I eat at Buffalo Wild Wings at night, or somewhere for lunch; sucking up more of my money, forcing me to work more hours. And then I decide I need a break from all of my work - so I splurge on a vacation to Vegas or a much needed date night.

Something has to give. I cannot work these crazy hours and ruin my relationships, exhaust my body and make no dent on my debt or bank account. I didn't mean for this post to seem a little ranty. Yesterday, I actually wrote about mine and Iman's story, then decided against posting it. For the past week my head has been swimming with a post about friendship and earlier Laura sent me this awesome picture about self-doubt. I really, really want to write about those things.

But I'm going to go drown myself in more coffee, face plant my desk, and prepare myself for my last 14 hour work day until Monday.

P.S. I swear I've written posts on the house fire and Chuck the Truck, but I have not. I will share, because they've made me such a stronger WQ. Yay for exciting upcoming posts!


  1. Aw, take some time for you. It is needed. We all need time for nothing. Xoxo.

    1. I want my nothing to consist of a pool and pina coladas! hahaha :)

  2. Been there with the budget stress. The only thing I can say with regards to eating out is that when you have just an hour to yourself, make something like a stir fry or lasagna. Make a lot of it. Then freeze it and eat it throughout the week. I know it's more work on your day off, but it'll save you a massive chunk of change. It's the only way my hubby and I survived when he was between jobs and we only had my tiny paycheck each month to cover all of our bills in a major city. Uhg.

    1. Thank you!! I will have to start doing that. I used to make smoothies on Sundays and freeze them for breakfast all week, but I just got so tired of chopping and blending. haha. It's time to get back on the grind though! I seriously only want to work one job, so I gotta save that money! Thank you so much for the advice :)


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