Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh, yes I can

I received this amazing warrior queen quote from Laura in an email on Friday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and all of the parts of life that it encompasses.

Self doubt isn't just in your feelings when it comes to relationships or school or work. No, self doubt encompasses your entire life. When you doubt your actions and feelings, it can be crippling. But this defense is truly the only thing that can combat it. Yes, I can!

That same day I saw this Margaret Cho quote.

I'm ready for my revolution. 

When I was younger Gotta Kick it Up was one of my favorite Disney Channel movies. Not because of the story line (which, I don't even remember), but because of its positive message in the midst of all of the negatives kids and teens are bombarded with. Si, se puedes! 

I've always lacked self-doubt and had self-esteem in the big areas. I never really struggled with my looks. I had my fair share of teen meltdowns because my hips are too big and my hair is too fluffy. But on the daily, it never bothered me much. I loved who I was. I was sassy and in your face and you better believe that I wasn't afraid to stand up for myself. I ruled my world.

Then I got a boyfriend. Things got shaky. I always managed to build myself back up and not listen to the peer pressure. I always felt more in touch with myself and was able to battle the anxiety. Believing in "yes, I can" and my inner warrior queen always worked.

It's a daily struggle, as I'm sure it is for every single person who is in touch with themselves. Truly thinking about it and addressing issues are what make you a stronger person. They are the battle against self-doubt. Don't think that doubt is a bad thing. It is a natural thing. Bravery and self-love should always prevail.

Lately my self-doubt involves my ability to stick to one thing. Fine, I will say it "I can be a flake."

Not always and not where it truly matters, but I am a flake. I overbook myself and I don't leave time for me and I start something and plan something and I don't finish it.

It's not that I can't finish something, rather that I just love to do too much.

I'm a Gemini, we love everything. I want to do a million things at once and then I get burnt out. I put my whole heart into something and then I run out of heart space for me. Does that make sense?

Right now, I'm celebrating my yes, I can.

Yes, I can make positive health habits stick. [Look at how actively you've been trying to be healthier]
Yes, I can  budget and pay for my wedding.
Yes, I can  get myself out of debt.
Yes, I can enjoy a better standard of life through time management. [Aka live off a budget so I can only work one job and have more time for relationships and myself]
Yes, I can make my warrior queen dream a reality. 


  1. You're half my age and 4 times as confident and at least that much smarter! I want to be you when I grow up!

    1. You're so sweet! But you're such an inspiration for me!


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